Worm Disease In Cats

Worm Disease In Cats – Worm is endoparasit (parasites that live in the body) that infect cats. Most infected cats show no symptoms. Cats eat a lot but still skinny or bloated stomach is one of the symptoms of intestinal worms. Other symptoms can include a worm-shaped like a stick or a thin ribbon of white in cat feces or vomit.

Worms can cause indigestion, anemia, malnutrition or other complication. Newborn kittens can be infected with worms from their mother. Worms infected kittens may experience prolonged diarrhea, stunted or die from lack of fluids (dehydration) and malnutrition.

Worm Disease In Cats

Most of the worm is transmitted through the egg which is usually found in cat feces. Several types of worms can be transmitted by fleas (fleas cat) or a mouse.

There are two types of worms that infect cats, namely roundworms (gilig) and tapeworms. As its name suggests shaped like rods roundworms are white or cream with a tapered tail and head. The length of the worm varies from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters.

The tapeworm is shaped like a ribbon of white or cream with a diameter of several millimeters. The length of tapeworms in cats can reach 70 cm.

Worm Disease In Cats

Worms above can be detrimental to a cat food by sucking the nutrients contained in the gut or the intestinal wall to bite and suck blood found in the intestines. The wounds caused by the bite of the worm can cause infection in the intestinal wall. Some types of worms live and develop in blood vessels that can spread throughout the body and cause disturbances in heart, brain, liver or other organs.

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