White Cat Names – 75+ Awesome Names for Your White Cat


Inspiration for white cat names can be found in many different places.

For starters, their beautiful white fur is gorgeous and gives these cats a sweet, pure feel. Unlike black cats, white cats are considered more innocent and angelic, although their owners may tell a different story.

If you are lucky enough to get a white cat, giving this bundle of fur a white-inspired name is a wonderful idea. We searched high and low and have an extensive assortment of white cat names below!

White Cat Names Inspired by Nature, Weather & the Seasons

  • Blizzard – A blur of white, just like your cat.
  • Winter – This season is correlated with white snow and makes a cool name.
  • Frosty – A cute name that pairs perfectly with a white cat.
  • Ice/Icicle – Cool and cute at the same time.
  • Snowball/Snowy – A classic name for white cats.
  • January – Named after the super cold, often snowy month.
  • Sky – At times the sky is clear and pale in color.
  • Lunar/Luna – A trendy name that is perfect if your cat has a bit of a silver-ish tint.
  • Cloud – Another white fluffy thing.
  • Nimbus – Like the white rain cloud.
  • Alaska – This state is known for its snowy white terrain.
  • Everest – Mount Everest, the Earth’s highest point, is recognized for its white-capped mountain top.
  • Misty – Mist is often white and flowing.
  • Polar – Like those adorable white polar bears.

White Cat Named Based on Religion and Faith

  • Angel – Your cat is a little cherub, so why not name him/her Angel?
  • Faith – White often corresponds with religious terms, like Faith.
  • Hope – Or Hope.
  • Dove – Like the sweet white bird.
  • Love – A pure, beautiful emotion.
  • Harmony – Another beautiful, graceful name.

Funny White Cat Names

  • Al Bino – We can’t stop laughing about this funny play on albino.
  • Powder – Like powder sugar or baby powder. Or the ’90s movie about a bald albino.
  • Cotton – White and fluffy. Sounds like your furbaby.
  • Chalky – We bet no one else will have this silly white cat name.
  • Q-Tip – Hehe, this name is silly and fun.
  • Flakey – Funny and kinda cute.
  • Domino – For the game with white tiles. If your cat has a black nose, it’s absolutely perfect!
  • Talcum – A white clay mineral. Science geeks will love you if you pick this name.
  • Tic Tac – For the Freshmint flavor.
  • Yeti – Like the big white creature found in the woods.
  • Whitey – A fun play on your cat’s color!
  • Charmin – Like the toilet paper. You’ll take some teasing if you pick this name, but it’s so worth it.
  • Alabaster – This white mineral also makes a fun cat name.
  • Marilyn Meow – Another beauty with white-ish locks.

‘White’ in Other Languages

  • Bianco (Italian)
  • Blanco (Spanish)
  • Wit (Dutch)
  • Blanc (French)
  • Weiß (German)

Halloween White Cat Names

  • Ghost – A great option for Halloween lovers.
  • Bones – Perfect if you have a cat who thinks he’s a dog.
  • Casper – Named after the friendly ghost.
  • Buffy – Like the vampire slayer.
  • Boo – How cute is this name? It still implies Halloween without being so literal.
  • Spooky – Or you can go full force into the scary factor.

White Cat Names Based on Food & Drinks

  • Sugar – White and super sweet. Sound familiar?
  • Egg (or Eggy) – How funny is this?
  • Rice – Hey, rice is white, too.
  • Coconut – If you have wanderlust for somewhere tropical, this is a fun name to consider.
  • Milky – A playful, fun name based on the white drink.
  • Marshmallow – Marshmallows are white and fluffy, like your kitten.
  • Noodles – Another common white food.
  • Vanilla – Whoever said vanilla was boring is seriously delusional.
  • Cream – Beautiful and cool all at the same time.
  • Salt/Salty – A unique name for your white furball.

White Flowers Perfect for White Cat Names

  • Jasmine – Named after the white, beautiful plant.
  • Lily – Like the cute white flower.
  • Gardenia – If you like the flower idea but want something a little more unique, Gardenia is a fun choice.
  • Magnolia – Or Magnolia.
  • Oleander – This name is gorgeous and unique.

White Cat Names Inspired by Precious Stones

  • Diamond – Shine bright like a diamond!
  • Ivory – Such a cool, unique name that fits your cat’s coloring.
  • Crystal – Crystal is shiny and white-ish, making a perfect white cat name.
  • Pearl – White and beautiful, just like your cat. Love this name!
  • Opal – This beautiful, iridescent substance is often white in color.

Fancy White Cat Names

  • King/Queen – After all, your cat is the king or queen of your house.
  • Lux – Short for luxury. Ah, yes.
  • Royal – Your cat acts like royalty, so why not call it out.
  • Ritsy – Or go with a cute name like Ritsy.
  • Prince/Princess – If King or Queen isn’t your style, try out Prince or Prince.
  • Duke/Duchess – Or Duke or Duchess.

If you’re not sold on a white cat name, check out our online generator to find other options. Sort by your preferred style and/or your hobbies and interests. You’re sure to find the perfect cat name!

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