Ukrainian Levkoy

In this post we collected information about ukrainian levkoy cat breed. Description, history, character, price, care and health of Ukrainian Levkoy.

Lop-eared and hairless kittens of breed Ukrainian Levkoy came to the world thanks to the work of Elena Biryukova – a felinologist from Kiev and the owner of the kennel “Lada cats”.

History of the breed

The original cats of the Ukrainian breed were produced recently. The unusual breed takes its beginning in 2000. The breed received its name due to the unusual shape of the ears, which looks like amatthiola flower, and the country of origin – to Ukraine.

Ukrainian levkoy cat photo

Despite the fairly recent existence of the breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy managed to be fallen in love by many people not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders.

Description of the breed. Appearance. Coloring

Ukrainian levkoy description

  • The head is angular, flat and long, having an average value.
  • The ears are widely set. With respect to the size of the head, the ears are large enough.
  • Eyes large, almond shaped. Eye color can be any, but preference is given to cats that have blue or green.
  • The neck of the Ukrainian gillyflower is medium length, muscular.
  • The body has well developed musculature, short, chest not wide. Cats of Ukrainian breed are much smaller than cats.
  • The limbs are long, strong, paws oval with graceful fingers.
  • The tail is long, very flexible, tapering to the tip.
  • Skin hot to the touch, pleated. Preference is given to the hairless representatives of the breed, but there may be a smooth wool throughout the animal’s body.
  • Within the standard, cats can be completely different in color.
  • The average weight of a cat is 5 kg.


Ukrainian levkoy character

Cats of Ukrainian breed are very sociable and friendly. Animals easily go to contact and are easily trained. They have a cheerful temperament and the ability to adapt quickly to new conditions of life.

Levkoy are well-known by their calmness and patience, they respond to love and affectionwith pleasure.

How much does the Ukrainian kitten cost?

Ukrainian levkoy price

The exact price for a kitten of this breed cannot be fixed, since everything depends on factors such as sex and class, the ears are twisted or straight, whether there is a fluff or a kitten naked. If we talk about the approximate amount, it varies from $100 US to $500 US in Kiev.

Care and maintenance

Despite all the extravagance of the Ukrainian breed, the cats of the breed are not very impulsive in their care. Since the animals do not have a wool cover, it is necessary to make sure that there is no open air flow.

Ukrainian levkoy care

Excessive exposure to the animal under direct sunlight is also fraught with negative consequences such as burns. In the cold season, cats of this unusual breed need clothes in the form of sweaters or overalls.

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