Toyger is a breed of domestic “toy tigers”. Outwardly, they really look very much like their big brothers.

Toyger cat photo

History of the origin of the breed

The birthplace of the toyger (English toyger) is the United States. In the late 1980s, the breeder Judy Sagden decided to improve the color of the tabby mackerel to maximize its natural tiger coloring.

She noticed that her cat has two tabby spots on the temples – usually at home tabby cats there is no such color on the head. Then Judy brought home a shorthaired cat and a large Bengali female cat. The result was the first kitty toyger.

Toyger cat history

However, for several years of carefully selection. Breeders tried to derive the ideal “formula” of the toyger. The organization TICA finally recognized this breed only in 2007.

Description of the breed

The toyger is large, and weighs 3.5-5 kg ​​for (female) cats and 5-7.5 kg for (male) cats. A broad bone, tall shoulders and muscular physique give the toyger the look of a real wild cat.

Toyger cat description

The breed standard according to TICA and the detailed description of the toyger:

  • The head is long, wide, of medium size; the muzzle resembles the shape of an inverted heart (from the forehead to the pads of the mustache). Profile in the form of a ½ hexagon on the points of the chin, nose, forehead and occiput. Clear and rounded contours;
  • Ears – rounded, less than average size, thick fur on temples and ears, but without brushes;
  • Eyes – small or medium-sized, round with a slightly lowered upper eyelid. Planted deeply and at a slight angle to the ears. Bright deep color;
  • Nose – long, muscular, rounded, widening to the tip;
  • Body – long, muscular and athletic body and neck, rounded contours, wide chest;
  • Paws – strong front paws, medium length, with long fingers;
  • Tail – very long and muscular with a blunt rounded tip, usually lowered down;
  • Wool – short, only the places of the pattern can be a little longer, which creates a relief; Long hair on temples and cheeks, golden shine.

Toyger cat colors

Unique stripes of tabby are the main signs of the difference of the toyger. They can be from almost black to brown and yellow-brown colors. At the same time, their hair not ticked: the stripes are completely dark – from the tip to the skin.

The undercoat can be a murine color, and the main background is sometimes bright, but always monophonic.

Toyger cat colors

A characteristic feature of the color of the toyger is the contrast of colors. It should be maximum in everything: between the color of the tabby stripes and the background, the main color of the back and belly, the dark ears inside and their light surface.

The figure on the cat’s fur is a modified tabby mackerel. Strips on the body should be vertical and lock in the rings on the neck, paws and tail. Strips can be uneven and woven. The standard allows and elongated stains. Nevertheless, the drawing should be, including, on the belly and the inside of the paws. The paw pads and the tip of the tail should be black.

Strips on the muzzle should be circular. Around the eyes, the hair highlighted, which gives the impression of white glasses.

On the following photos, you can see what a real cat is like.

Toyger cat character

Toyger is very friendly cat who likes to be with a man. They are intelligent and sociable; get along well with children and other animals. They are easy to teach everyday rules, games and even tricks.

Toyger cat character

The cat of the breed is calm and flexible. Therefore, given their exotic color, it seems that you have a real tiger at home – a balanced and measured. These cats are moderately active, therefore will not exhaust. They will gladly pamper at your hands for watching TV or reading a book.

Toygers are not very loud, and if they give a sound, they do it gently and unobtrusively. Many representatives of this breed like to swim in the water.

Care and health

The average life expectancy of the toy is 15 years. In general, these are healthy cats. Nevertheless, they may have heart problems, in particular, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and infectious peritonitis.

Toyger cat care and health

In general, the peculiarities of toyger care reduced to traditional feline procedures: weekly combing, cleaning of teeth, ears and pruning of nails.

There is an opinion that during the selection, the toygers left without the instinct of finding the trace. So do not lose your cat, otherwise, he himself will not find his way back.


Another most common health problem is obesity. However, everything depends on what and how much you will feed your little tiger. The diet of the toyger should consist of a two-time supply of high-quality dry food and in the form of chicken breasts, veal and pig hearts. It not recommended feed these cats with fish.

Toyger cat price

Toyger cat price

Toyger kittens cost from $1000. This is the price of a kitty cat. This is due to the fact that most of the toygers are imported from foreign nurseries.


Conclusion on the breed

In a wild forest, a wild cat lives … This is not a fairy tale about the Toygers, because only those who are not familiar with the breed can name these wild animals. Toyger is good-natured as Winnie the Pooh and funny as Piglet.

With tigers, they united only by poise – the toygers do not rush about the house, but lie down majestically, accepting gifts and admiration. They take friendliness and the ability to get along with adults and children.

Toyger cat photo

If neither adults nor children are around, the toyger will not go into depression, but will continue majestically wait, waiting for gifts and admiration, which, eventually, will be rewarded to him.

His mind is enough to learn where the tray is in the house, and where the bowl is, and more of the mini-tiger is not required.

The toygers themselves are also unpretentious and fit into the interior of any prosperity.

Since the breed is young, experts have not yet revealed her hereditary diseases and, God forbid will not reveal later.

Reviews of owners of cats

Jenifer: “Officially on the territory of Russia, not so long ago, only three nurseries were engaged in the breeding of toygers, so it was very difficult to get such a kitten. I was lucky and my Tiger settled in our house a couple of years ago. I must say that under the charm of Toyger I came at once, and my harsh husband – in a couple of days. The kitten was very homesick for his mother and we literally wore it in his arms, stroked and entertained. When the longing passed, toyger showed himself to be a real honors pupil – he quickly realized where the toilet was, as a scrap he chose, you would not believe!). Immediately began to eat the food that we have chosen for him. This is a very problem-free animal. The only thing is that from time to time, he just begs for fish from us, and we do not give him, as we warned that the fish are harmful to the toygers. ”

Toyger cat feedbacks

Katy: “We live in the North and we only recently have a shelter of toygers. I have long been in love with the breed and therefore, as soon as the opportunity appeared, immediately booked the kitten. Yes, the truth said – from the predatory in the toygers only color. This is the most kiss-purring-rubbing creature that I only know! However, I warn you – these comrades are very greedy. If a normal kitten has a stomach “no more than a thimble,” then the toygers have the size of a decent saucepan. Still our kid is very friendly and absolutely not jealous – we are jealous him of each other “.

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