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Tonkinese is a breed which resulted from crossing Siamese and Burmese cats. Tonkinese Cats began the first bred cats with the eyes of aquamarine color. Besides, these cats compiled all the best features of genitors’ breeds.

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History of the Tonkinese Cat

The first mention of these cats is found in Siam literature of the 14th and 18th centuries. In England, they were introduced in the early 1800s and were called “chocolate Siamese”. In the United States, the ancestor of the breed was the cat Wong Mau, who in 1930 was brought by Dr. Joseph Thompson.

Tonkinese cat history

Officially, the homeland of Tonkinese is Canada, where it was realized the main crossbreeding program between the Siamese and Burmese breeds. And it all began with the fact that the Canadian breeder Margaret Conroy had a very shy Burmese cat.

It refused all cats, and was tempted only by the Siamese. As a result, kittens with tinted color and sea-colored eyes were obtained. Later they began to be crossed with the descendants of the American Wong Mau.

Description of the Tonkinese cat breed

The breed of Tonkinese cat has average sizes and weight of 3-4 kg. Tomcats normally weigh 4-6 kg.

Tonkinese cat description

Detailed description of the breed according to TICA organization standards:

  • Head – moderately short, slightly bigger in length than width, has the shape of a modified wedge with clean, neat contours. In the full face, the head and ears form an isosceles triangle. Cheekbones are high and neat;
  • Ears – medium in size, broad at the base, longish, with oval tips, slightly inclined forward;
  • Eyes – have the shape of a peach bone, medium size, widely spaced at an angle to the outer edge of the ear;
  • Nose – slightly convex, and not straight, and without hump;
  • Body – has the shape of a rectangle of medium length and size. The chest is of medium width, neatly rounded. The back line is slightly raised from the shoulders to the pelvis. Abdomen is taut, musculature is developed;
  • Paws – rather slender and proportionate in length, hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs. Paw pads are oval;
  • Tail – wide at base, but not thick, slightly tapering to blunt tip. The length is approximately equal to the distance from the sacrum to the shoulder blades;
  • Fur– medium short in length, thick, tightly fitting to the body, silky, soft and shiny.


According to the owners, Tonkinese cats are very fond of warmth and affection. These cats will be always next to the owner and at the first opportunity will necessarily get on hands. They are very smart pets with good memory and strong will. Therefore, your perseverance in their studies will be definitely rewarded.

Tonkinese cat character

Tonkinese’s cat is very playful and friendly. It will be the first to meet guests and will happily have fun with children or other animals. Excessive kindness of a cat makes it easy prey for other people’s hands, so it is better not to let it go out to the street alone.

Tonkinese cats are not as loud as Siamese, but they still like to “talk” and attract your attention.

Care and health

Features of care for Tonkinese cat are: weekly combing, weekly brushing of teeth, ears, rare bathing.

Tonkinese cat health

The life expectancy of these cats is 10-16 years. As a rule, Tonkineses have good health because this breed is a hybrid, not the result of a long cross-breeding. Nevertheless, the inheritance from the Siamese cat Tonkinese got a penchant for gingivitis, amyloidosis, asthma, heart disease, strabismus.

Also, cats can be hypersensitive to anesthesia. All this refers only to propensity, not hereditary diseases.
Feeding Tonkinese is necessary as well as other cats – a balanced dry food or natural food with vitamins. Do not feed with sweet, salty and fried “human” food.


Color mink and aqua eyes are the main signs of the difference of Tonkinese cats from others. The standard of the breed of different felinological organizations includes a variety of color variations: chocolate, cinnamon, red, blue, purple, faun, cream, tortie.

Tonkinese cat colors

The figure depicts something between Siamese color-point and Burmese solid-sepia. Thus, cats of the Tonkinese breed can be:

  • Point color – with a clear contrast and as close as possible to the coloring of the Siamese breed;
  • Mink – with a slightly blurred contrast – the most characteristic for color of Tonkinese;
  • Solid – with a slight contrast and color close to the Burmese sepia.

The final color of the Tonkinese cat is acquired only by the 18th month of life. Moreover, cats are darkening in the process of growth.

Tonkinese cat colors 2

The eyes of thin-skin can also be not only aquamarine. So, with the point and more Siamese color, the cat has blue eyes, even with a hint of purple. In the coloring of solid bodies, the eyes of the cats are yellow-green, similar to the Burmese. Aqua is only for the color of Mink.

Tonkinese cat price

How to determine how much a kitten of the Tonkinese cat will cost for you? The price starts from $350 US. The cost depends on gender, external characteristics and pedigree.

Tonkinese cat price


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