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History of the breed’s origin

As a matter of fact, there are some noticeable characteristic features of Sphynx cats, they are the absence of vegetation on the body and stunning folds! The cat lovers have been shaking the cat world of this breed just recently.

Sphynx cat history

In 1966 in Canada the first kitten of Sphynx (no one else knew about it) was born. The only naked boy among other ordinary cats was called Prun and from this point on began the journey of hairlessness.

But specialists could not manage to know the mechanism of creating of this breed. It seemed that everybody understands the new look of this breed, but the question was: how to achieve stability in the offspring?

The question remained open for almost 10 years. Until epidermis came to the rescue! That was how a bald cat called, which was born in Minnesota. In the same spot, a kitty of the same type appeared in the nursery Z. Stardust, they gave a name to the newborn breed and who consequently became the great-great-grandparents of the sphynx cats.

Here we face another brief moment in evolution of this breed, and this chapter is called Bambi. This black and white hairless cat was found on the streets of Toronto in the 70s of the last century.

They say it was beautiful. Bembi’s description (exterior and character) was quite consistent with his nickname. But Bambi wasn’t a domestic cat and suffered fairly in street battles.

One-eyed and, alas, unable to reproduce, Bembi became famous for being a long-lived sphynx cat. His fans together with him celebrated the 19th birthday of Bambi!

Sphynx cat photo

Along with Bambi naked cats Pinky and Paloma were found, they were forwarded to Holland, where they laid the beginning of the European line of Canadian sphinxes.

But the homeland of the sphynx is Canada and the name “Canadian Sphynx” is forever inscribed in felinology and in the hearts of fans of the breed so they will never forget where this cat breed comes from.

Description of Canadian Sphynx

So how many sphinxes are there in the world? Nobody is going to count them one by one. But there are only three naked breeds: the St. Petersburg Sphynx (better known as piterbold), the Don Sphynx (Russian hairless) and our familiar one “Sphynx Canadian”.

Sphynx cat description

It would seem that all three breeds are hairless, and so are they the same? Never dare to tell this to lovers of Canadian sphynxes owners!

Here are some standards of the breed which will tell you how to determine that the bald cat is a Canadian Sphynx and emphasize the characteristics of the breed.

1. The Sphynx has a medium-sized head, approaching a wedge with a rounded outline. The length of the head is not much wider than the width. Cheeks prominent, protruding, strong jaw, possibly short pubescence:

  • Nasal bridge wide, and nose itself short, covered with short hair;
  • The ears are wide at the base, widely spread also. The ears are always large, at the base from the outside can be covered. Brushes, brushes – not allowed;
  • Kittens of this breed open their eyes very early and immediately look into your very soul! It’s true – the owners’ reviews and city legends say that only Canadian sphynxes can and love for a long timeto look at a person in the eye without blinking and not turning away. In fact, Canadians are sometimes even born sighted, and their eyes are large, shaped like a lemon. The distance between the eyes is slightly larger than the width of the eyes. The color of the eyes can be any, in harmony with the color of the animal;
  • They have practically no whiskers, but they can survive for some representatives, the standard allows it.

2. The body of the Canadian Sphynx is charming! They fascinate with grace and elegance. In their structure, there is no straight or rapid line, they are viscous and smooth.

Similar to the figurines, the Canadian Sphynx cats are medium sized, they are muscular and strong. The belly should not be roasted, but the chest should be broad, in general, the silhouette resembles a ripe pear.

Because of the broad chest, the front paws are always widely spaced. The limbs themselves are thin with long fingers (such a structure is called “monkey’s paw”). The hind legs are longer than the forelegs, it is this fact that influences their special walk. A little gun can remain at the tips of the paws.

Sphynx cat description 2

The tail is long, whip-like, not juvenile, but it is quite possible that your Canadian can grow a lion’s tail – that is, a tassel will appear at the tip of the tail. This is not a disqualification. The tail of Canadian Sphynx is almost always rolled into a bagel and pressed to the body.

A surprising fact – the Canadian Sphynx is always heavier than it seems.

These bald cats cannot be called excessively large, the weight of an adult animal is from 3.5 to 6 kg.

3. Skin and color. Signs of wool can only be manifested in the form of a minimal cannon on the animal’s body. To the touch, the cats are hot and very pleasant – the skin of the sphinxes is similar to the skin of a child.

The Canadian Sphynx is famous for its wrinkles. Moreover, there are so many skin, that if the Canadian is stretched to its full length, it will still not be smooth, but “folded”.

Wrinkles must be on the forehead, neck and on the limbs. Photos confirm that Canadians are the most “folded” of all sphinxes. Now in the breeding of more and more animals, which remain naked during the years, but lose most of the children’s “hood”.

Sphynx cat picture

It is desirable, however the genes of your pet allow to preserve these skin differences of Canadians.

Any type of colors is allowed, moreover in any combination. Coloration can be continuous: black, gray, chocolate, lilac, red, cinnamon, faun, white, tortoiseshell. Can be a tabby, color-point, etc.

Character of Sphynx cats

According to the owners, Canadian Sphynx has a heart of gold! They are very loving and rest assured, they will not miss the opportunity to get to the owner on the hands, or even on the head.

Their intelligence is similar in level to the intelligence of a three-year-old child. Such a child shows all the signs of sanity and is not at all jealous of other animals if they live together.

Sphynx cat character

The loyalty of the sphinxes is amazing – they are devoted to the master always and are ready to warm him endlessly, entertain and talk with him.

Sphynx behave with a proud. They do not beg for handouts, but theyprefer to pull off the snack themselves. But the fed cat is not guarantee for not visiting your dining table.

In relation to life, it seems that the Canadian Sphynx do not fully understand that they are cats. Behavior and character speak in favor of the fact that they consider themselves human beings, well, or dogs, in extreme cases.

At the same time, the Canadian Sphynx is never aggressive and can easily cure an easy headache, as representatives of this breed, they clearly have a gift of healing.

In general, the hot heart of the Sphynx is open to love!


And they have not only their hot heart, but also the body! Distinctive features of the breed: the usual temperature for the Canadian Sphynx is 38-38.5 degrees, and their heart beats twice as fast as other breeds.

Unfortunately, Canadian sphynxes are predisposed to some number of diseases. Among the main threats, obesity is in the first place, moreover there can be (and maybe not): the curvature of the caudal spine, vasculitis of the skin, congenital eyelid twisting, acne, softening of the last caudal vertebra, dermatitis, gingival hyperplasia, dysplasia and cyst Glands, etc.

Sphynx cat health

The list is striking, but if you take care of the pet’s health with all the attention, most of these pitfalls can be avoided.

An important point! The skin of the Canadian Sphynxes is so impenetrable that it is very difficult in some places to pierce with a needle.

The average life expectancy of Canadian cats is 13-15 years. But the example of Bambi inspires that the Canadian Sphynxes overcome the bar in 17-19 years!

Care and maintenance

The Canadian Sphynx is a beautiful, but sweating flower! Among all the naked cats, the Canadians are the record holders in this matter. The Canadian Sphynx, if it sweats, then with the whole body. There is no particular smell in sweat, but this wax-like coating can stain clothing and surfaces in the apartment.

Therefore, the cat will have to regularly wipe with a damp cloth or sanitary napkins, because when dried, sweat remains a chocolate tan on the skin of the animal. Sometimes it is enough to wipe, and sometimes you need to bath the Sphynx.

Sphynx cat care

For bathing, all shampoos are suitable for the baby.

By the way, this same substance that is produced by skin, accumulates in large numbers in the ears. Black and gray spots do not interfere with the life of the cat, but it does not look aesthetic, so the ears should be cleaned often.

Another recommendation – a moderate sunbathing. From tanning the color of the animal becomes brighter and more beautiful, but moderation in this matter is the main thing. After all, cats with no wools easily burn in the open sun, so you need to accustom yourself to the sun, starting the process with a walk in the scattered shadow.

Sphynx cat feeding

Due to the fact that the heat exchange in Canadian Sphynxes is higher than that of other domestic cats, they also eat much more. They are distinguished by their omnivorous and wonderful appetite.

Note that the Sphynxes practically do not chew and choose the appropriate diet.

Still they can suddenly start to eat products completely uncharacteristic to cats, somehow chocolate or sauerkraut. Within reasonable limits, this is allowable.

Feed them with lean, frozen meat if you are sure of its purity.

Your pet surely going to love porridges and snacks, as well as lactic acid products and weekly raw yolk (boiled eggs are not digested by these cats). And still like sausage, cheese, cake.

But still, well-made dry food is the best choice.


Few people know that the drawing on the nose of every Canadian Sphynx is unique and exclusive. Each representative of the breed has this pattern of wrinkles, like a person’s fingerprints. In the photo these folds are very effective!

Sphynx cat photos

Sphynx cat price

Sphynx cat average price $1000 – $1600 USD.


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