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In this post we’ll tell you about Siamese cat breed. Full description, history, character, colors, feeding, care and health, information about siamese cat price.

Siamese cat is characterized by a special grace, miniature and certain majesty, which is inherent in nature. Siamese kittens are the only ones that did not interbreed with cats from Europe, which preserved the pristine nature of their eastern roots.

History of the Siamese cats

The homeland of Siamese cats is Thailand, which was called Siam in ancient times, where the cat’s name came from. This is the oldest breed, since it was already known in the 16th century. At that time, not fluffy (smooth) Siamese cats won the special love of local residents who nicknamed it “the lunar diamond”.

Siamese cat history

The Siamese cat was famous also at the royal palace (numerous photos testify it), that is why for a long time the cat was not allowed to be taken out of the country (a ban was imposed).

In Europe, the Siamese cat appeared only in 1884. The first two Siamese kittens appeared in the UK, where they were brought by the English consul.

The consul was given the kittens by the King of Thailand himself, considering it the highest award. Then this breed was too different from the local cats, which made it unpopular.

Now this breed of cats is very common, its nature and appearance is appreciated in many parts of the world.

Description of Siamese cat breed

About how the Siamese looks like, many can assure as they know it, but sometimes they are confused with other breeds (Orientals, Thai). To learn how to determine the breed of Siamese cat and distinguish it from Thai, consider its features: external differences, character, habits and attributes.

Siamese cat description

The description of the breed will most accurately give you an idea of this breed.

Standard of Siamese breed:

  • General features. Siamese cat is with elongated body proportions, elegant, temperamental and strong cat.
  • Head (neck). The head is long, like the neck. The skull is almost flat. The muzzle is narrow, elongated, with a straight nose. The chin is strong with the right bite.
  • The ears of the Siamese cat can be called lop-eared, since their size is surprisingly large (for their tiny muzzle). Ears have a triangular shape; they are wide at the base and pointed upward. The ears are slightly apart. If you look at the cat’s head from the front, you can see a conditional triangle (the lines of which are drawn from the tip of the nose to the tips of the ears).
  • Eyes. The shape of the eyes is almond-shaped, of small size, of medium convexity. Blue eyes are obliquely positioned relative to the nose.
  • Proportions (sizes). All parts of the cat’s body should be proportionate, creating elegance to the overall appearance. The body of Siamese is of medium size, the stomach is tightened and the hips should not be wider than the shoulder level. Their weight is on average 3-4 kg.
  • Paws and tail. All the limbs of the cat are long, slender. Hind legs and tail are longer than the forelegs. The tip of the tail is pointed; it can be compared with a whip, as it is long and sharp.
  • Color. A Siamese cat can have different colors (see pictures below), but one must be exact – points. Points are marks, inherent in Siamese cats, which must necessarily be on the ears, paws, tail and muzzle.

The life span of Siamese cats at home is 14-25 (and more) years. They are considered long-lived. A Siamese cat, who lived for 38 years, is registered in the Guinness Book of Records.


A Siamese cat is very intelligent, with a clearly developed level of intelligence, “talkative”, jealous (if there is another animal in the house), loves to be the major of everyone’s attention, but will normally react to loneliness (when you are absent for 12 hours).

Siamese cat character

Cats have a well developed hunter instinct, which you can use, accustoming it to bring something for you. Siamese cats are not angry and do not attack people. If you treat the animal with care, then it will repay you the same. Any animal will defend itself.

In any case, no other owner has regretted for having such a pet. Reviews of its owners about the character are positive.

Care and maintenance

The fur is short and smooth, does not require any special care. According to the owners, you can feed your pets with both natural and dry food. The only thing is that they do not like to swim – the water is their worst dread.

Dyeing of Siamese cats with photos

Siamese cat colors

Siamese cat color blue

Siamese cat color black

You will see cats on the photos with different colors (gray, brown, white, black). Interestingly, the differences in color are not very significant (only a few), but how much does a Siamese cat cost, one can say unequivocally, having data not only about the pedigree, but also about the color.

So, the most famous colors of Siamese cats are the following:

  • Seal-point (brown) – cream color, which can have shades to light brown. Points of this color are dark brown.
  • Blue-point (blue) – the color is snow-white with a bluish tinge of points.
  • Red-point – white body, red (apricot) point. There may be bands on the marks, which is not a deviation.
  • Caramel-point (light-cream). This color is slightly different from the traditional one, since the cat can be called neither white nor brown. Its color has a shade of magnolia, and the points are gray-pink.
  • Chocolate Point (black). The body has the color of ivory, and the marks can be from chocolate (coffee with milk) to black shades.
  • Cinnamon Point (ivory shade). The cat’s body is of an elephant shade, like the “chocolate” point, but the markings have a pinkish-brown tinge
  • Lilac Point (pink). Its body has the color of a knocked-down egg white, and the marks are light gray with pink overflows.
  • Tortie-point – a rather unusual color, featuring a color mask and the same marks on the paws, tail and ears.
  • Tabby-point is distinguished by the fact that the marks have strips. The body is pale, without shades (monophonic).

Siamese cat price

The price of Siamese kittens will differ (depending on certain features). On average, the price of pedigree kitten is $100 – $500 US.

Conclusion on the breed

A Siamese cat is an animal-flower, which is revealed in the presence of a beloved owner. It is playful with the owner, and in the absence it plunges into apathy, and with a long absence – even into depression. Hence it follows that the owner should not show indifference or discontent – a cat can really suffer from such emotions.

Siamese cat photo

Siamese cats impress the imagination with their level of intelligence – they perfectly understand what people want from them and most often respond to human requests with pleasure. Almost all members of the breed cannot stand noise and loud noises if they come from others, but they themselves during playing become a source of noise radiation.

Some suspect Siamese in the ability to foresee the future however it is a highly developed intuition of the cat.

About siamese cat

The most popular hereditary diseases:

  • Expansion of the heart;
  • Neoplasms of mammary glands;
  • Neoplasm of the lungs;
  • Neoplasms of the intestine;
  • Amyloidosis of the liver (less often the kidneys);
  • Asthma.

Keep in mind that Siamese cats are highly sensitive to anesthesia and this factor is important to consider when performing operations.


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