Seychellois cat

Seychellois cat – all about this breed in this post: photos, description, character, health, care, information about seychellois cat price and more.

History of the breed origin

Let’s start with the fact that the Seychellois cat has nothing to do towards the island state of East Africa! The homeland of these elegant animals is Great Britain. It is also a permanent habitat, because not all outside the Foggy Albion recognize the Seychellois breed.

The British in the 70-80s of the last century set out to bring a new breed of cats. With the permission of the British Cat Association, breeders started work on crossing Siamese and Persian cats. The result is the appearance of the Seychellois and the legend that they are from one of the 115 Seychellois islands.

Seychellois cat history

The legend remains a beautiful fairy tale, and the reality is that these kittens are not recognized by a majority of experts as a separate breed because of a suspicious resemblance to an oriental cat, a Balinese cat and a Siamese cat.

But this does not prevent the Seychellois cat from feeling very special! Probably, this is called national character!

Description of the breed

This cat is an Englishwoman and that’s it! It has an aristocratic appearance, good manners and big requests. A more detailed description is offered by the standard of the breed, in which the high legs and the willful character are individual items.

Seychellois cat description

1. The head of the Seychellois cat is medium-sized, wedge-shaped; the lines of the muzzle form a triangle:

  • Chin is narrow, small, proportional;
  • The nose is long, straight, with a smooth marching to the forehead;
  • The eyes are always exceptionally blue, they are slightly slanting, not convex, almond-shaped;
  • Ears – notable! They are large, wide at the base, rounded at the tips, widely spaced.

2. Like all representatives of Eastern breeds, these cats impress with exaggerated elegance. In fact, they are strong and muscular. The limbs are long and slender. The hind legs are longer than the front legs, due to this we see a special “gait of Merlin Monroe”. Paws are small, oval.

The tail is unusually flexible. When a kitten of the Seychellois breed shows its emotions with a tail, it reminds a sailor with flags – so clearly the flexible tail gives clear signs to everyone.

Seychellois cats do not grow big. Their sizes are average and weight is small – 2-4 kg.

Seychellois cat description

3. Fur
A feature of fur is that it does not have an undercoat; moreover, it is different along the entire length of the trunk. The fur is of medium length on the animal’s torso, and the tail and shoulders are decorated with a longer fur.

4. Color.

“Well, here’s the difference!” – exclaimed the fans of the breed, when they are once again reproached with the similarity of the Seychellois with a mass of other breeds. Dyeing! It is very special!

Obligatory signs of the Seychellois are the painted mask, ears, paws and tail. IMPORTANT! The mask should not stain the entire head of the cat.

Seychellois cat colors

Specialists distinguish three types of Seychellois beauties coloring:

  • neuvieme – white coloring as the main one, spots are allowed on the head (black, red, gray spots are possible), the tail is colored;
  • huitieme – the main color is white, large spots are found on the head and on the limbs, the tail is colored;
  • septieme – the color of the main white, but the spots on the paws and head are small, the tail is colored.


Buying for a decent price a cat of the Seychellois breed, you do not just take a pet into the house, but give your home to a royal pet.

They have a cheerful character. Even when the ears are graying, they will still chase a sunny rabbit or a loose cord. But they will never allow to be treated disrespectfully. Do not even shout at your pet! “Vengeance” will not keep you waiting! Do not even try hit your pet or just raise the hand at this cat.

Seychellois cat character

TIP! Keep a spray gun with water near you. As a preventive measure, such a remedy is quite effective and very diplomatic.

Those who have never encountered this breed must know that they have a bad voice and not very good hearing, besides, they like to talk.

And they also love to dominate. This cat will dominate the rest of the pets and try to prove to you that it is the leader.
Feedbacks on Seychellois as a whole are positive. They are sociable and very fond of children.


“Healthy, like a Seychellois cat!” This saying may well be born in the environment of felinologists.

Alas, the ideal still does not exist and some predispositions are found among representatives of this breed.

First and foremost, it is note the propensity of Seychellois to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Seychellois cat health

In addition, as a descendant of Siamese cats, the Seychellois cat has a predisposition to dental diseases – gingivitis, calculus, etc. How can I tell if the cat has to go to the dentist? Pay attention to such signs, as refusal of meal, plentiful salivation. They indirectly indicate the beginning of problems. A timely trip to the doctor will stop these problems at the initial stage.

Life expectancy of the Seychellois cat is on average 15 years.

Care and maintenance

A cat of the Seychellois breed must be combed a couple of times a week, but only so that it can feel your attention. In fact, their fur does not form collars and does not need frequent care.

Seychellois cat care

Just periodically you need to wipe the English cats’ eyes and clean their ears with cotton buds.

As you can see, the Seychellois cat does not require much care.


They do not require special dietary nutrition. If you decide to feed them with ready-made food, then get premium or super premium food. It will save your time considerably and prolong the life of your pet.

Seychellois cat feeding

And if you are a supporter of a natural menu, then give preference to lean meats, poultry, and sour-milk products. Porridge and vegetables are also needed for a cat, but in less quantity. 80% of the diet should be “predatory”.

If nurseries offer a kitten, white as snow from the picture, do not consider it deception. Most likely, it really is a Seychellois cat, all the kittens of this breed are born white, and the typical color appears only in a while.

Seychellois cat price

Seychellois kitten price

Nursery give already vaccinated kittens at the age of 12-14 weeks and the price of such a lop-eared miracle is $200 – $300 US.


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