Serval cat

Serval cat breed description, photos, character, health, apperance, care, feedind, price, feedbacks from serval cat owners.

It is the rarest and most secretive among all domestic cats. But we’ll try to see what’s “behind the tinted glass of the car”.

History of the breed origin

Domestic Serval is valuable because it looks quite like a wild cat. Yes, in fact, it is a wild cat, who decided to live for a while in a good mansion. The birthplace of the Serval cat is Africa. On a hot continent, their quantity was extensive, in recent years has declined due to the fact that the beautiful fur of this cat attracts poachers.

Serval cat description

Today there are 14 kinds of wild Serval, which differ in the color of the fur. Not so long ago breeders found out that the breed is perfectly domesticated (if you approach the matter wisely).

Description of the breed serval

It is a predator, and all its appearance is created in order to hunt and attack. The breed standard has not been fully developed yet, but nature itself has fixed specific features.

Serval cat photo

1. The head of the kittens is small. But the ears, in comparison with the rest of the body, large and highly set, well lowered from the inside, whereas on the outside they are covered with black and white stripes:

  • Nose and its bridge are wide;
  • Eyes from below are almond-shaped and in the form of a boomerang on the upper eyelid;
  • Pads for vibrissae are pronounced, vibrissae are obligatory, they are dense and long.

2. The size of the body is small. Especially when compared with other wild cats in Africa. But compared to the usual domestic kittens, Servals are giants. The length of their body can reach a meter.

The tail is thick and short (25-40 cm).

These cats are the top models. Their limbs are the longest among all the felines (in proportion to the body), the hind legs are longer than the forelegs.
The listed differences are obvious, but this is not the whole list of features of Serval.

Weight of kittens is from 8 to 18 kg.

3. The description of the fur cover of the Serval is similar to the description of a cheetah. The beast is covered with spectacular spots that merge on the back into strips. White color is on the chest, stomach and on the muzzle. The color of the fur itself can be varied from sand to reddish-brown color.

The fur itself is short, unusually tender, dense and shiny.

Serval cat character

It is necessary not to allow the pet to show signs of wild ancestors. These cats love to play and run. Let them do both.

Since they can hunt even for birds, jumping up to 3 meters in height, then at home they will not abandon their habits. Be prepared for the fact that all heights in your apartment will be subdued by a fearless Serval. In the process of conquest, antique vases, fragile statuettes and paintings on the walls may suffer.

Serval cat character

In general, the cats of this breed are very friendly and curious, they are happy to explore and protect their territory. Reviews about Serval are unanimous by the fact that these cats like a dog!


Taking care of kittens, pay attention that it must not jump from high surfaces – at a young age their limbs are very fragile and the probability of traumatizing legs is high.

Serval cat health

Keep an eye on the pet’s tray. How can I tell if it’s time of emergency? If diarrhea happens more than two times, it is a signal to immediately contact the veterinarian.

These cats need to be vaccinated, as well as any domestic pets.

IMPORTANT! The vaccine for the Serval should not contain active viruses. The price of a mistake is the life of an animal!

Serval “marks” the territory. Sometimes up to 50 times an hour! Of course, this process is accompanied by an extremely unpleasant odor. So castration in this case is a necessity. Cats undergo a sterilization procedure at the age of 1 year, and tomcats – at 7-8 months.
Domestic Serval lives longer than its wild brother. Life expectancy of a domestic cheetah is 15-20 years.

Care and maintenance

There are a few simple tricks that allow grow a good-natured and safe animal from the wild one. So, experts recommend that the kitten be fed from the hands – thus, the kitten will associate your appearance with pleasant emotions and begin feeling safe in your presence.

care for serval cat

Another good trick is playing with the baby, while lying on the floor. When your eyes are on the same level, the Serval does not perceive you as a threat.

Experts identify three basic rules in the upbringing of the Serval:

  • Do not let them play with your hands or feet;
  • Do not shout at the cat, it understands your commands perfectly. And certainly NEVER hit a pet. It will not forgive this;
  • If it is happened that the cat started to play and did something bad, then instead of the accusatory speech, just leave it alone. Afterwards, it will come with repentance.


You need to feed Serval with the such kind of food to avoid him missing the African savannah. In the wild, Servals eat rodents (most of the diet), shrews, birds and to a lesser extent snakes, lizards and insects. Of course, you do not need to catch grasshoppers for a cat.

Serval cat feeding

It is enough to make the right menu of raw meat with bones (it can be chicken, quail meat, offal) and as a compliment from the chef, offer special vitamins with calcium supplements. Also, prepare a super-premium feed.

Daily rate of food for an adult Serval is up to 0.5 kg of meat.

Serval cat price

To grow out of the serval companion, breeders recommend taking a kitten between the ages of one and a half to five months. The smaller kitten easier to grow out a faithful friend.

For purchase, contact the specialized nurseries of the serval or to the breeders with a good reputation, because you do not buy the hamster, and the cost is also not for a “mouse”.

Red price – $7500 US. Can I buy cheaper? Yes, it is possible, but not the fact that the purchased kitten will eventually grow up by an educated domestic cat.

Conclusion on the breed

To have a correct idea of the nature of the African Serval breed, you need to understand to what extent this breed is like dogs!

They easily begin to walk on a leash, with a certain amount of patience they begin to perform even complex commands and are quite friendly with other animals … if they are the same size as them. In other words, you should not introduce a Serval to a kitten or a parrot – hunting instincts will prevail and only Serval will remain in your house.

Serval cat image

Representatives of this breed are ready to cooperate with beetles-bark beetles in terms of damage to furniture – so the Servals adore everything to gnaw, and to tear, turn and overturn. In general, this cat needs space and a place to “take a walk.” Whatever happens, do not punish the Serval for its prank – so you will achieve the exact opposite result, and also piss out the luxurious kitty.

Be prepared for the fact that the Serval cat marks the territory about 50 times an hour and think about castration in time.

What regards compulsion, we can advise you to bathe the Serval more often – they adore the water. They do not like scandals, so that the Servals cannot be called stress-resistant.

Servals do not have hereditary diseases.

Reviews of the Serval breed owners

Julia: “I am a breeder of Serval and I hasten to say that I did not meet a more intelligent and elegant breed. My cats and tomcats perfectly understand the commands. It’s enough to say with a confident voice: eat, walk, toilet, you cannot – and cats carry out orders. African cats sleep with us in the same bed and among themselves they are quite friendly. In general, it is the imperial breed! ”

Serval cat reviews

Olya: “Our kitten at first scared me. We took it at the age of 5 months and it constantly hissed and growled at me and at my husband. But then our patience and perseverance broke its bad character. Today it has already stopped hiding in the corners of the house It plays with toys all the time and even sometimes goes with us to the restaurant! ”

John and Elena: “Our Asenka is our child. We pamper it constantly, and it enjoys it. Recently I made a whole city instead of a single house for the pet. It is a multi-level complex in which our cat improves its hunting skills. We also take it to travel and there are places for Asya in all the hotels. There are no problems with this cat during the travel – it walks easily on a leash, easily accustoms to a new tray ».

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