Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold – this is something beyond the bounds of understanding. If this cat lurks somewhere in the grass, then it will completely fall for a cub of an owl: with a neat head, on which you can hardly see the ears. Who are these mysterious lop-eared cats, where did they come from?

Scottish Fold cat photo

History of the origin of the breed

According to some historical references, the Scottish lop-eared cat appeared in China (in 1796), whence it was brought to Europe by an English sailor. However, this theory only talks about when the first breed of cats with lop-eared, but it is not exactly the cat that we want to tell. If you say where the Scottish Fold cats originated (which you could see in the photo), then we need to tell you another version of the origin of the modernized “no ear” cat.

Scottish Fold history

According to another version of the breed, Scotland. The Scottish Fold cat first appeared in 1961 from an ordinary domestic cat-mother (with standing ears). It believed that the Fold Scottish Fold acquired because of the mutation. To preserve this feature, it is necessary to conduct the breeding of a pristine and lop-eared animal.

British lop-eared cat is not a correct breed name.

After a while, the breed was no longer engaged in Scotland, as mutations identified. After that, only in 1978, the breed began to breed in the United States.

The Scottish Fold cat is a very nice creature, which many “cat lovers” want to see at home. We learn, what else remarkable Scottish lop-eared kitten: the difference of his character, what are the features of his appearance, how to identify the breed and others.

Description and Appearance of Scottish Fold

Fold kittens significantly differfrom their parents in that it is impossible to understand (at first) what the kitten will be: with standing ears or not. The fact is that an obligatory condition for breeding cats of the Scottish fold is crossing the fold with a straight (cat with ordinary ears).

Scottish Fold description

Therefore, when the kittens are born, they are all with straight ears.

About what the kitten will become, a breeder himself does not know. This can be said only when the “kitten” grows a little (2-4 weeks).

Differences from Straight

By the way, Scotty Folds differ from Scottish Straights just by the shape of their ears. Differences of folds from straight is clear already from the definition – the first ears are lying, the second ones are standing. In addition,it is wonderful! Because nature gives us the opportunity to preserve this breed in health.

The description of this breed of cats reduced to their appearance, which best described by the standard of the breed, and the nature of which their owners say.

Scottish Fold photo cat

Standard Scottish Fold breed will be able accurately reveal the veil of secrecy, telling you whether the real Scottish fold is in front of you.

Therefore, what should be the features of the cats of this breed?

The portrait of the Scottish fold drawn by a circular – round head, round cheeks, round eyes, rounded hard chin. The nose of these cats is wide and has a slight transition.

Ears – a business card of the representative of the breed.

Therefore, the standard is the most demanding of them. The auricle must have one or two folds and be pressed. Ears seem to continue the circumference of the head, without violating the prescribed proportion and overall impression of puppetry. In adult cats, the distance between the ears is so large that it is easy to hold the palm of a person. Moreover, the toddler gets a noticeable laxity only at the age of 5 weeks. The distance between the ears of the kittens is 3-4 fingers.

Scottish Fold apperance


  • In some cases, the ears of Scottish folds raised. This can be provokedwitha change in the weather, estrus, pregnancy, stress or mating animals. Most often, after a time, the auricle returns to its place. Unchanging, “strong” ears – this is a characteristic sign of an animal show class!
  • Strongly expressed super ciliary arches – a disqualification feature.


The body is medium size. The limbs are coarse and short, but the legs are very neat, round. The tail is of medium size, proportional to the whole body.


Wool can be of medium length or long. It is very dense, has a homogeneous “plush” structure. The “panties” and wool of this cat between the fingersshould be marked. “Wadded” quality of wool is a disqualification.

Colors of Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold collors

Colors divided into several groups:

  • Saturated one color (black, white and others);
  • Clarified (purple, blue and others);
  • Figured;
  • Tortoise shells;

Chocolate color, as well as lavender, point, or a combination of these colors with white.


Lop-eared kittens have amazing adaptive abilities. Whether a new place, new members of the family – lop-eared cats normally react to such changes. Many breeders note the fact that the perfect calm of the lop-eared kittens at exhibitions and presentations.

In general, the co-existence with the cat breed Scottish fold is free of problems.

Scottish Fold character

Scottish lop-eared cat not characterized by hyperactivity and excessive mischief. This an intelligent breed that does not climb along the eaves, prefers to keep closer to the warm owner’s side.

Reviews of the owners in that watching the Scottish is a complete pleasure and relaxation. Relaxing, Scottish lop-eared kittens take funny poses, which not every yogi can repeat.

It is worth noting and high communication characteristics of the breed. The Scottish Fold cat is excellent friends with other pets and even the most fighting dog in their society becomes an affectionate puppy.

Do the Fold cats get along with the children?

As companion for games, the lop-eared kittens are ideal, but they are afraid of noise and loud sounds, so in a family where there are small children it is worth to take already grown-up kittens.

Moreover, the Fold cats are stubborn. It is necessary take into account when deciding for the first time to connect fate with this breed.


Genetically, the lop-eared cats have many problems. This does not mean, that all of them will manifest in your pet. Warned – is armed!

The first thing you should know as the future owner of Scottish Fold cats is the skeletal anomalies normal to the Fold cats. For them, the same gene is responsible, which determines the fatness, and therefore this problem often encountered.

Scottish Fold health

Osteochondrodysplasia – is a hereditary disease, which expressed in deformation of the skeleton, immobility and soreness of the tail, deformation of the paws. Osteochondrodysplasia can manifest itself at any age – both in infancy and in the prime of life.

External signs of the disease:

  • Lameness;
  • Chained gait;
  • Unwillingness to jump;
  • Acute response to the touch of the tail;
  • Unexpectedly squat appearance of the animal.

To avoid this disease, you must avoid crocheting fold + fold. Most often, the offspring of such parents that are born with a disruption in the motor apparatus.

It is also worth noting the propensity of representatives of this breed to heart disease.

Timely vaccinations, doctor visits, regular joint examinations, X-rays and proper preventive treatment will help to maintain the quality of life of your Scottish.

The average life expectancy of these cats is 10-15 years.

The character of the Scottish Fold cat is not unique, since every kitten brings something new to the life of its owner. Some kittens are demanding of their person, others are calm, others are excessively curious…

From the way you educate your pet, his character will also depend, with peculiar to him, some features that laid with him at the very beginning of his life.

Care for a Scottish Fold

It is not at all difficult to take care of a lop-dog. The requirements for caring for them are no different from the standards:

  • Proper nutrition, which should contain all the necessary elements;
  • Timely hair care: infrequent washing and combing;
  • Care for claws, eyes and ears.

Care for a Scottish Fold

However, there are nuances!

  • While caring for the fur of your cat, do not use a puffer that tears off the chic undercoat and significantly spoils the appearance of the cat.
  • In Scotia, ears accumulate more sulfur than in the ears of ordinary cats, so the procedure for cleaning the ears should be more frequent.
  • Moreover, of course, the “owlish” eyes of the lop-eared cat cleaned a couple of times a week.


Scottish Fold feeding

Eating a lop-eared cat depends on whether you choose a natural mode or a mode of feeding with ready-made food.

In the first case, making a menu for a cat, be sure to include in it lean meat (chicken, turkey, beef), liver, offal, sea fish (river fish is harmful to lop-eared cats), cheese, cottage cheese, raw egg, cereals and vegetables.

Not feed with: lamb, pork, beans, potatoes, onions.

Ready food is preferable to premium class. It is more nutritious, less harmful and almost never causes allergies.

Color of cats with photos

There are many colors in Scottish Fold cats. We present to your attention some of them:

Scottish Fold photo

Scottish Fold color photo

Owner feedback

Mary: “My lop-eared cat is 9 years and 4 months old. This is a very beloved creature. Perhaps, that is why my plush happiness grew somewhat mannered and arrogant. He hurts, not allowing everyone to pat himself, but he himself with curiosity climbs to everyone and everywhere.

Moreover, Tom snores and grunts in his sleep and for the first couple of years I have become addicted to it. By the way, he still has a voice – piercing and loud, but I still adore him! »

Scottish Fold feedbacks

Katerina: “Sometimes I forget that our Leon is just a Scottish lop-eared cat, so his character is similar to that of a human. He knows how to rejoice and even cry! Yes, I saw tears when, after vacation, I went home and Leon silently hugged my neck. Leon loves to communicate through the window with pigeons and to hide the keys the apartment.

A couple of months after Leon appeared in our house (he was then 4 months old), we noticed a tremor on the front left paw. His activity did not stop, but we were frightened and ran to the doctor. Vets could not explain this. We assume that this is one of the signs of Scottish genetic disease. Therefore, we insisted that to prescribed protectors and now we periodically take Leon to X-ray. So far so good (I am knocking on wood). ”

Price of Scottish Fold kitten

Scottish Fold price

Considering some differences in color and how the Scottish Fold kitten looks (its external signs, upbringing and pedigree), the cost may vary.

The price of Scottish Fold kittens is ~$90-200.

More specifically about where to buy and how much you will get by this charming kitten, you can learn directly from the breeders themselves.


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