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Ragamuffin cat photo

Ragamuffin is a breed of domestic cats which resulted from crossing ragdoll with different pedigreed and household cats. So, breeders brought out a cat with a thick beautiful fur and a wide variety of colors.

History of the Ragamuffin cat breed

The birthplace of these cats is California, USA. The mother breed of ragamuffin (ragdoll) originated there in the 1960s. At first they were just cats with a very friendly and easy-going character. Later the breed was paid attention seriously and standards were established. Breeding was allowed only among the given breed.

Ragamuffin cat history

But in the mid-1970s breeder Anne Baker decided to go beyond the standards. To improve genes, health, character and diversify color, the ragdolls began to be bred with Persian, Himalayan and household long-haired cats. At first the new breed was called “cherub”, but then it was renamed “ragamuffin” because of the prevalence of blood from household cats.

Description of the Ragamuffin breed

Ragamuffin cats have medium or large sizes, weight 5-8 kg, a strong bone and a full body. Tomcats are usually larger than cats, can weigh more than 10 kg, fully mature at about 4 years.

Ragamuffin cat description

The breed standard and detailed description according to the CFA organization:

  • Head – has the form of a wide modified wedge with nicely rounded contours, without flat faces. The forehead and chin are rounded, the muzzle is short and round, a little wide, puffy mustache pads;
  • Ears – medium size, slightly inclined forward, rounded with small tassels;
  • Eyes – large, have the shape of a nut, expressive, set moderately widely, there may be a slight slope. The color of the eyes can be any, but the more saturated and brighter, the better. Cats with eyes of different colors are also allowed. The only exception: for the coloring of the Mink eyes must be the colors of aqua, for sepia – yellow or green;
  • Body – rectangular, fleshy, broad chest, shoulders, pelvis, folds of the skin may hang on the lower abdomen, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body;
  • Tail – long, proportional to body, completely pubescent, similar to plume, of medium width at base with slight narrowing to tip;
  • Paws – medium length, heavy skeleton, hind legs slightly longer than the forelegs; large and round paw pads are necessary to keep the cat’s large weight; fur is between and under the fingers;
  • Fur – medium length, soft, thick, silky. The texture may differ depending on the dyeing. The fur is longer around the neck, along the contour of the face, on the hind legs.

Ragamuffin character

Exceptional characteristics of the nature of Ragamuffin make him a desirable cat for many people. This breed, like its ancestor Ragdoll, is very lenient in nature. These cats are very friendly, attentive and affectionate, immediately begin to purring, as soon as they are picked up.

Ragamuffin cat character

Although the body of this cat is far from being athletic, the cat likes to play with pleasure, runs after toys and climbs. But most of all these cats love to spend time with the owner and family. They meet you at the door, accompany you everywhere in the house and get on well with other animals and children.

Care and health

There are no genetic diseases characteristic of this breed. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify from the breeder, whether there are hereditary diseases in the genus of a particular kitten.

Ragamuffin cat health

In general, they are healthy cats. The lifespan of this cat is 16 years. The main thing is not to overfeed it. Yes, they are big and powerful cats but they should not be fat. Therefore, it is better to feed Ragamuffin with prepared feed otherwise you cannot calculate the necessary and sufficient amount of vitamins and calories for it. In any case, fatty meat, flour and pasta, sweets are absolutely prohibited.

Although Ragamuffin’s fur is long, it does not tend to get tangled. Therefore, combing your pet once a week is enough. But brushing the teeth is better every day to prevent the development of periodontal disease. Clean ears and eyes taking into consideration their extent of dirt.


The following photos show what Ragamuffin looks like.

Ragamuffin cat colors

This cat can be of any dyeing, except point-color. All other colors and drawings are allowed, even with white patches on the paws, back, chest or abdomen. Symmetry of white marks or patterns does not matter.

Ragamuffin cat colors 2

The nose and paw pads can be any color or several colors, may not correspond to the dyeing.

Ragamuffin cat price

How to determine how much a kitten of ragamuffin will cost for you? This breed has not yet been recognized by all felinological organizations, so few breeders breed it. Accordingly, if you are lucky enough to find a ragamuffin cattery, then the kittens will cost a lot. The price will also depend on sex, external characteristics, pedigree and the availability of vaccinations.

The average price of a Ragamuffin kitten is $1000 – $1200 US.


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