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History of the breed origin

At the rhythms of maracas in the traditional Spanish dance, a modest dancer came to the front of the stage. Snapping castanets, she performed traditional “Seguidilla”, but at the moment when the dancer opened her eyes – all gasped: “Ojos Azules” (Spanish: Blue eyes).

Undoubtedly, folk dance is a historical chronicle, but the history of the breed of cats can be told in usual words.

Ojos Azules history

Features of this cat – it’s not about the structure of the body and not about the unique fur, but the unique coloring of the eyes excites. Ojos Azules cats are always blue-eyed. Non-Siamese cats have signs of blue-eyed extremely rare. But some rare mutation of genes still shows the world such beauties from time to time.

And one day, they were noticed by the American breeders. Specialists paid attention to the selection and improvement of the breed, and the blue-eyed kittens having obtained their own breed standard were registered in the USA already in 1991.

The first Azules was called Conflau, she was tortoise-colored – that is, the black, red and white fur of this animal was shifted into a unique cocktail. But the eyes of Conflau were dark blue and the cat made a real sensation. Homeland of Azules is still loudly admiring this breed, although other countries treat it rather skeptically.

The fact is that blue eyes are sometimes found in New Zealand, Essex, where they are not yet thought of singling out a separate breed.

Description of the breed Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules – an unpretentious cat. It can be large, and maybe average. In general, the differences from other breeds are that they are not very pronounced in the exterior.

Ojos Azules description

1. The kitten of the Ojos Azules breed can have a triangular head, with bulging cheekbones and a pronounced chin. The muzzle is not large, with angular paddles of vibrissae. There is a noticeable slight concavity on the place between the nose and forehead.

The ears are of medium size. They are rounded at the tips and high set.

Eyes – this is what the Azules are proud of. The brighter the blue color of the animal’s eyes is – the better. The description of the shades would take too much time – because there are 24 minimum! By the way, gray color of the iris and multicolored is possible. But the latter is allowed only in the event that one eye is still blue, and the second has the color of copper or green.

Kittens are born with almond-shaped and oblique eyes.

2. The responses of the owners emphasize that all the representatives of this breed are very elastic in tactile sensations. Cats of blue eyes are very muscular.

  • The cat of this breed usually has a large, powerful and broad chest.
  • The limbs are medium in length, the hind legs are longer than the forelegs. Paws are small, oval.
  • The tail is proportional to the length of the body, it shrinks to the tip, and at the very tip is pointed.

The weight of an adult animal rarely exceeds 5 kg.

3. Fur. Cats can be both short-haired and long-haired. The fur of cats is soft, but the undercoat is poorly developed. Particularly noteworthy is the natural shine of the fur cover.

Coloring of fur can also be the most diverse, but with a small exception. IMPORTANT! White fur color or white spots are inadmissible if the tail tip of the animal is not painted white. The breed standard also does not recognize the color of the half-breed or Himalayan.

Ojos Azules Character

Ojos Azules is the cat that becomes your friend from the moment of appearance in the house. It will not bother you, but it will come to play just when it feels that you want it.

This breed really loves children. Ojos Azules is ready to take part in all children’s games, unless, of course, they do not oversleep them. After all, blue eyes are very fond of sleeping. Perhaps a little more than representatives of other breeds. Wake up the cat and talk to it. Ojos Azules so listens to human speech, as if it really understands its meaning.

Ojos Azules character

Therefore, in a conversation with the Ojos Azules, watch for expressions – they are offensive in nature! Sometimes they can even ‘reply’, but this is rather an exception than the rule.

It is also important to know that cats of this breed need a closed space. They will not feel comfortable outside, in the courtyard or at the summer house. But in the apartment, and in the presence of an vigorous owner, with whom it can fool around, the Azules will show itself in all its glory!

They always notice changes in the interior or new object in the house, analyze them actively and for a long time. These subjects include both neighbors and guests of the house, whom the cat, having analyzed, will accept into the staff those who are allowed to rub and admire it.


Ojos Azules health

There are no predispositions to any special diseases among representatives of the Azules breed. But breeders emphasize that it is inadmissible to cross between two blue-eyed animals. The price of such unfair crossing is a “bouquet” of genetic diseases in offspring.

Ojos Azules can be bred with not blue-eyed individuals. Then healthy kittens are born in the litter, with a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Care and maintenance

The fur of these animals does not need complicated care. Comb out the Azules as an ordinary cat and periodically do the hygiene of the eyes, ears and mouth.

Care and maintenance

We recommend paying attention to the mood of the pet. A touchy cat can suffer. How to determine if a cat is depressed? No, it does not cry. In this state, Azules becomes sluggish or, on the contrary, aggressive, hammering into a corner, hissing. The emergency first aid is play therapy. 10-15 minutes of active games with the animal will again make it the happiest creature.


To love and feed – that’s what any cat needs. And the Azules is not an exception. Ready-made premium and super premium foods are the best solution for those who do not want to waste time cooking the food for the pet.

Ojos azules feeding

But if you do not mind the time or effort, then the Azules will gladly eat natural food. But not from the owner’s table! Dishes for a cat should be fresh, lean and contains at least 50% of meat. You must additionally give vitamins for dessert to a dish of natural products,

You choose a brand of vitamins to your taste, but remember that the composition of useful vitamins should include:

  • vitamin A, which is very useful for skin, fur and eyesight health;
  • vitamin D, which has a good effect on the musculoskeletal system;
  • vitamins C, E and vitamins of group B. They are useful for cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine, protein and yeast.

It is recommended to have an amino acid such as toile in specialized vitamins for kittens. It prevents developmental malformations and strengthens the heart muscle.

Ojos Azules price

Estimated cost of a kitten – $300 – $1000 US.

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