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All about Nebelung cats – a description of the breed, character, photos of cats, the price of kittens, care and treatment, also video with cats nebelung.

Nebelung cat photo
Nebelung cat photo

History of the breed origin

Indeed, by presenting its virtual passport, any kitten of Nebelung breed proudly declares that its homeland is the United States. Kittens came to their American dream to become an independent breed only in the early 80’s.

In the city at a mile altitude, better known as Denver, Elsa and “the last Russian” met. Elsa was called a black domestic short-haired Afro-cat, and the “last Russian” lived next door and looked like a Russian blue cat.

Interracial marriage led to the birth of kittens, five of which the resembled to a black mother, and one stood out as a solid blue color, long legs and long fur.

History of Nebelung cats
History of Nebelung cats

Since Wagner’s Siegfried passionately loved Brunnhilde, this also determined the name of the cat. Siegfried and Brunnhilde were an excellent couple, putting, in fact, the beginning of a new breed. Cora Cobb wrote the standard of the Nebelung breed herself.

Some still refuse to consider Nebelungs as a separate breed, finding vivid signs of similarity with Russian blue cat. But the features and differences of the Nebelungs, still prevail in most countries, their population is small, but increases.

Description of the breed of cats Nebelung

Nebelungs are silky outside and inside. It is easy to live and gently cuddle with them while the cats of this breed do not lose their regal bearing and majesty in manners under no circumstances! Positive responses about the Nebelungs are given by the breeders and the owners of the “foggy” pets.

The correct description of the breed is the harmony between the character of the cat and its appearance.

1. The head of the Nebelungs is small in size and has the shape of a soft wedge. The profile is straight, the forehead is high and the chin is strong:

  • The line of the nose is straight, clear, it visually divides the muzzle of the animal. The lobe of the nose is always gray;
  • Ears are large, erect, inclined forward. The width of the ears at the base is equal to the length of the ears. The ears are wide apart; the fur on outside part of ears is short and thin;
  • The size of the eyes is large, the eyes are round, slightly skewed to the ears. The color of the kitten eyes may be yellow, but at the age of 4 months a green ring around the pupil of the Nebelung should appear, which fills the whole iris during the growing period. As a result, the adult animal has eyes of exceptionally green color. The red suspension in the color of the eyes is a disadvantage, and the absence of greenery is a disqualification sign. Ideally – the greener the eyes, the better;
  • Neck is long, not powerful.

2. What does a Nebelung cat look like? Probably, it is as a professional sportsman. Dry muscles and a thin skeleton together with a long and thin body create sensations of sports type body.

Description of the breed

The limbs are refined, and the paws are small and round. It is said that Nebelung always walks on tiptoes. The paw pads correspond to the fur color – gray-blue.

The tail is long, straight, slightly pointed. Luxury plume tail is the requirement.

Nebelungs can be quite tall, but they are not heavy. The weight of an adult animal is 2.5-5 kg.

3. Fur

Cats of this breed are famous for their fur of unusual structure. It is flowing, silky and blue. It is unique because despite a fairly dense undercoat, it does not roll down and, therefore, does not form coils.

Each fur on the end is discolored, so sometimes it seems that a silvery fog cloud is rolling around the animal

4. Dyeing (colors)

Typical hairs significantly contrast with the basic tone of the fur. The color of the Nebelungs is always blue with an expressed silver luster. A black or white cat can be infinitely beautiful, but it will never be a Nebelung.


Nebelung cat temperament
Nebelung cat temperament

Cuteness and kindness is the nature of these cats. Nebelungs are essentially conservatives. They get used to a new environment or new people for a long time and only after they have become accustomed they finally show themselves in all their glory.

Nebelungs are not intrusive, but they are usually attached to one member of the family with all its soul. Next to favorite they will be “spread as a silk veil”, peer into the eyes, sing cat songs right into the ear and warm with the warmth of their love. They will be friendly, playful, but no more with the rest of the family.

Nebelungs do not tolerate loneliness. How to determine that a cat is suffering from loneliness? She cannot touch the food or do forbidden things – not to go to its toilet and do something with the expensive items of the owner. Do not punish your beauty at once, most likely, she does it not spitefully, but only to attract your attention. Therefore, if you are rarely at home, it is better to have another animal, so that pets entertain and support each other in your absence.

Many people say that Nebelung is a small cat. They do not need a lot of space for a comfortable life. Cats of the Nebelung breed feel fine in small apartments, country houses.

And the Nebelungs have a very quiet, melodic voice and noise intolerance. These cats do not tolerate noise, scandals, screaming, etc. They hide under the couch, and sometimes they can also engage in ‘hand-to-hand combat’ with a source of unpleasant sounds.

In general, they have a golden character, sometimes a jaunt!


Did you read the veterinary guide and found all your symptoms in your pet? This is not about Nebelung. There are no genetic diseases in Nebelung! That is the rare case, when artificially bred breed was very strong.

Nebelung cat health

Of course, ordinary feline diseases threaten theNebelungs as well as any other cats, but timely vaccinations and regular visits to the vet will help to avoid them. The full strength comes to 2 years of age.

The average life span of Nebelungs is 12-15 years.

Care for Nebelung cat

Nebelungs need special care for their beautiful fur. Regular combing will remove dead hairs and keep the vaunted “cloud” neat!

IMPORTANT! Bathing once again does not worth it – the quality of the fur can get worse. If water hygiene procedures are extremely necessary, then do NOT use pink or yellow shampoo when bathing. Dyes, which are part of the shampoo, can affect the color of the pigment of the fur.
Soap the pet solely in the direction of fur growth and do not forget to plug the ears of the animal with cotton swabs before bathing.

IMPORTANT! Sunbathing is contraindicated to Nebelungs. Direct sunlight destroys the pigment of the fur and instead of a blue cloud after a long stay on the sunny windowsill you risk getting a “rusty” cat that only remotely resembles a Nebelung.


Experts recommend feeding small Nebelungs with natural food. And if you plan to give ready feed, then gradually start to enter them into the diet.
But the majority is inclined to the fact that for Nebelungs in adulthood natural food is preferable. Of course, with a natural diet, the question of its usefulness arises. The price of proper nutrition is the time it takes to make a diet.

Nebelung cat feeding

IMPORTANT! The fur of an animal will be qualitatively better, if you add to food special fertilizing with sulfur and vitamins of group B and A.

NOT ALLOWED! The liver, buckwheat porridge, carrots, preparations with iodine, with algae and copper is prohibited food for Nebelungs. They also affect negatively on color.

Nebelung cat price

Nebelung kittens cost ~ $500-$1200


Fans of Nebelungs have not yet decided – where did the unusual name of the breed take origin. Some tend to the Wagnerian version of the origin of the name, while others associate it with the German word nebel (fog).

Nebelung cat pictures

In any case, the vague essence of the Nebelung conquers hearts. They are beautiful on the photo, and the level of Nebelung intelligence is such that it seems if you teach them, and they will take these photographs themselves.

Nebelung cat photo


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  • October 11, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    My name is Pam and I believe I have a “Nebelung”. I got her seventeen years ago from a gal I worked with. She fits the description right down to her profile and her golden eyes. Are they rare enough of a breed that a vet wouldn’t recognize what she is. I live in Denver and would mail you a picture if you’d like. Sincerely , Pam C.


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