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Today we’ll talk about Munchkin cat. In this article you will find much useful infromation about this breed of cats.

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History of the origin of the breed

The birthplace of Munchkin cats is the United States. Everything began with a blackberry 1983. More precisely, with Blackberry, a kind-hearted woman from the state of Louisiana Sandra called so the half-wild, half-starved cat that lived under an abandoned caravan. Legs of this cat did not grow because of extreme hardships.

Munchkin cat history

Having utmost compassion, Sandra took great care of her Blackberry and was extremely surprised when the Blackberry progeny was also short-sighted. One of the sons of Blackberries was named Toulouse, and, in fact, all munchkins consider Toulouse and Blackberry to be their great-grandparents.

Officially, the same breed was recognized in March 1991 at the TICA show in New York.

Description of the Munchkin breed

The way the Munchkin breed looks always evokes the same range of feelings. At first it is the surprise, then – pity, and afterwards certainly admiration and joy are. Short-legged Munchkin cats are a smile in its pure form! Smile is black, white, gray and red – depending on the tomcat or cat dyeing. The breed standard has not been finalized yet, but the basic criteria have already been included in the description.

munchkin description

1. The head is wide, with smooth contours, the silhouette resembles a wedge. Head size is average; in general, the dimensions of the body and head are proportional. Adult cats have more developed heads than cats:

  • The nose is average, a slight deflection is not a disadvantage;
  • The ears are set high and wide. They are well and noticeably lowered, wide at the base, rounded at the tips;
  • The eyes are similar to the shape of walnut, big walnut! Widely located, at a slight angle to the ears. IMPORTANT! The color of the eyes does not depend on the dyeing, the main thing is that the eyes should be saturated and of even color;
  • The neck is thick, muscular, of medium length.

2. Body, according to breed standards, is Semi-foreign type. So, the sizes and proportions are quite average (with one exception). Hind legs slightly longer than front, hence there is an increase in proportions from withers to croup.

The backbone is not heavy, but not lightened. And the musculature of the Munchkin is well developed and this point is noted in all the reviews about the breed. The length of the tail corresponds to the length of the body. Both a Munchkin kitten and adult one keep the tail vertically.

Paws are the four main differences of Munchkin from other breeds of cats. They are short. But straight! However, a slight curvature of the front paws in the inside is appropriate. Hind legs, as noted, are longer than the forelegs.

Weight of short-legged tomcats reaches 3-4 kg, cats – 2-3, 6 kg

3. The fur can be either short (SH) or long (LH) according to the standard. In the first case, the fur is shiny, plush in tactile sensation.

Smoothly-colored “kangaroos” -Munchkins can have heavier fur. In the second case, fur has remarkable protective properties, it is dense and silky, and the collar is lordly.

4. Colors. Description of dyeing can be started now and never finished. After all, any dyeing is apt for this breed. And it is noticed that the same coloring looks differently on short-haired and long-haired “kangaroos”.


The nature of Munchkin cats has its own characteristics. Due to the fact that short paws have excluded the possibility of hunting, these animals should not be kept on the street. Home, Sweet Home! The Munchkin kittens start to please their owners from the moment they appear in the house.

munchkin cat character

Small paws do not allow them to climb on tables, turn over crystal vases and antique porcelain figurines, but it is not the obstacle for activity on the “lower floors” of your apartment – they run well, they just do not know how to jump.

And they sit well in the kangaroo pose on their hind legs, leaning on the tail – this pose is famous for all Munchkins and you can look in detail at them on a few photos of the breed on the Internet. At the same time, their short front legs hang freely on the sides and the picture is really preposterous. And what fun awaits you when you look for valuable things hidden by this cat. The Munchkins like to steal quietly small things in a secluded corner.

In general, the character of these cats is unflappable and friendly. They easily get acquainted with new people, do not suffer from neuroses, and are moderately mobile, excessively curious and very kind. This fact is noted in the reviews of all owners of short-pawed cats.

By their nature and appearance, the Munchkins are suitable for lovers of exotics, wit-savvy people and large families, in which funny cats will level out random aggression and boredom.


The main problem with which the Munchkin cats and their masters can collide is the back. More precisely, it is lordosis (weakening of the vertebral muscles) because of which the spine descends into the thorax.

munchkin cat health

And it is not about aesthetics. The lowered spine presses on the internal organs and the consequences can be most unpredictable. Some experts believe that Munchkin lordosis is a genetic failure characteristic of the breed. Evidence for that do not exist, the disease occurs in other breeds.

Other diseases related to the breed are not observed. Therefore, the average life span of Munchkin is the same as for all cats – 12-16 years. There are exceptions – Munchkin cat can celebrate its 20 anniversary with you!

Care and maintenance

Munchkin kittens are very clean, so it is recommended to buy a cat toilet with high sides or completely closed.

Because of their excessive curiosity, you need to remove those items which you do not want to lose.

munchkin cat care

Those items that your pet plays with at night are to be hidden, since night is not an obstacle for Munchkin and it can drag its favorite little things in the teeth in the dark.

Despite the fact that Munchkin does not climb very high, the claw sharpener should also be in the house! The tip for novices grind the sharpener with the “cat’s mint”!

Shorthair Munchkin should be combed weekly. How to determine the frequency of combing? You can do this exceptionally experimentally – by the speed of formation of coils. There are no other care characteristics.


munchkin cat feeding

Experts recommend feeding these cats with dry food, which contain all the necessary vitamins and substances. But the final decision is made by the owner of the pet, who must soberly assess own strengths – is it enough time and effort to monitor the correct diet of the animal. In any case, in eating, the Munchkins are unpretentious, were not noticed in gluttony, they cannot steal from the table because of their physiological characteristics (cannot reach).


Munchkin is a cat with short paws as a creature from a fairy tale. For the first time, Munchkins (not cats) appear in the book “The Wizard of Oz”.

munchkin cat photos

For some reason, the image of a small fairy folk inspired the breeders to give short-pawed cats such a name. Why not? Since the house of Eli fell on the head of the evil ruler of the Munchkins, a golden era began for them – the era of love and universal admiration (this is already about the cats).

Pictures of the happy Munchkin is proof!

munchkin cat pictures

Munchkin cat price

Munchkin Cutest Kitten price

Prices – from $100 up to $400. But beware – unscrupulous people can sell kittens of other breeds under the guise of Munchkins, and even worse than mongrel. The cost, of course, is not quality, but still the adequate price and good recommendations that the munchkin nursery or breeders of this breed can provide, are a guarantee of a proper acquisition.


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