Minskin is a new breed of cats, which appeared only at the beginning of the 21st century. Its main distinctive features are short paws and fur points on the bald body. Minskins are the result of crossing cats of Munchkin and Sphynx breeds. Because of the hairy paws, these dwarf cats were also called hobbit.

Minskin cat photo

History of origin

The native land of this breed is the USA. In 1998, Paul McSorley started breeding Minskin in Boston. He wanted to create a cat with short paws and fur stains on certain places. To do this, he crossed short-legged fluffy munchkins with almost bald sphinxes, whose only some parts of the body are covered with fur. Then the Burmese cat and Devon Rex were added to the mixture.

Minskin history

The first kitten was born in Minsk in July 2000. He was called Rory. Five years later, there were 50 representatives of this breed and it was recognized by international felinological organizations. There is a special program in TICA, which continues to monitor the breeding and development of Minskin.

Description of Minskin Breed

Cats of Minskin breed have small sizes of semi-cubes. Because of the small height and relatively long neck, they resemble the otter or munchkin. Their weight is not big – 2-3 kg.

Minskin apperance

The breed standard according to TICA gives a detailed description of Minskin:

  • The head is round, rather broad than long, without flat lines, with a strong chin, broad and short muzzle and relief pads of a whiskers, well developed and flexible neck;
  • Ears are large, open and alert, with slightly rounded tips, broad at the base, can be completely bald;
  • Eyes are large and round, wide-set, the look seems surprised and alert;
  • Nose is not straight, but without hump, slight bend at the end;
  • Whiskers may be rare, broken or absent altogether;
  • The body may seem long because of the short paws, the back line is slightly raised to the hips; thorax is broad, strong and muscular;
  • Paws are short, of equal length above and below the knee joint, hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs;
  • Tail is slightly longer than the body, gradually tapering from the base to a slightly blunted tip;
  • Fur is short, fur points are on the muzzle, ears, paws, tail and under the tail; Sometimes the fur can be along the entire length of the paws, on the hips and shoulders, but the stomach is always bald.

Minskin got folds of the skin in the legacy from the Sphinx, but they are more visible on kittens.

Minskin cat breed description


Minskin breed cats can have different colors and patterns: solid, tortie, tabby and color with impregnations of white. Siamese color of colorpoint is very common.

Character of Minskin

Despite their growth and short paws, the Minks are very agile and nimble cats. They cannot jump on the refrigerator, but they can climb there in a roundabout way. Surprisingly, they really like to climb somewhere higher. These cats even need to run and actively move. After all, if they become vexed, then spine problems will begin.

Minskin character

Minksins are very affectionate pets and love affection. By the way, they are warm to the touch, similar to gentle cashmere. It is better not to leave them alone for a long time, since these cats are very attached to a person.

Minskin cats breed get along well with other animals so they will perfectly suit to the owners of dogs. At the same time they are patient with children.

Care and health

The features of growth and fur coating of Minskin do not affect his health and quality of life. However, it is difficult to pinpoint the presence of hereditary diseases. After all, the breed is still quite young and rare to set statistics.

There were cases of developmental disorders: lordosis (curvature of posture is a strong bend in the lower back) and deformation of the thorax.

Minskin care and health

As mentioned above, Minskins are generally healthy and disease-resistant cats owing to an active lifestyle. The average life expectancy of a cat is 12-15 years.

Care for these cats is the same as in the case of sphinxes:

  • The cat should be regularly bathed with shampoo. This will help keep its skin healthy and prevent the accumulation of sebum and the formation of acne;
  • As all bald cats need Minskins are required additional protection from intense sunlight, otherwise there may be burns;
  • It is necessary to regularly check the condition of their skin for oncologic formations, fungus, scratches, cuts and bruises;
  • In winter, Minskins can be more sensitive to cold but they will gladly put on a sweater or get warm in your hands.

Do regular vaccination, cleaning of teeth and ears and your Minskin will be healthy. Another bonus is a minimum of fur, which means there are no strong molting and allergies.

Feeding must be often than regarding conventional cats, but in smaller portions. Because of the lack of fur, these cats spend more energy on maintaining body temperature.


How to determine how much will minskin kittens cost? Since the beginning of breeding this breed was only 15 years old, and now there are just over 100 Minskins. Therefore, it is clear that it is not easy to find them, and that the price for them will be high.

On websites, the minimum cost of a minskin kitten is $300. But on average, breeders sell them for $500, or even more.


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