Maine Coon

Maine Coon (Maine Coon) is a mysterious breed of cats; the history of origin is covered with many fables and legends. We will tell you a lot of interesting things (which the Wikipedia does not tell you) about what the Maine Coon cat is.

Maine coon cat photo

History of the breed origin

The homeland of Maine Coon cats is the northwestern state of the United States of America, which is called Maine. The breed name of Maine Coon cats originated from the homeland name. The origin of the Maine Coon breed has long been known, but despite this, there are several interesting legends.

Maine coon cat history

According to one legend, a Maine Coon cat is an animal from crossing a female raccoon and a cat. In support of this theory, the external features of the cat are cited, namely, the tail, the dyeing of which is very similar to the raccoon’s ones.

According to the second legend, the Maine Coon kittens appeared as a result of crossing the North American lynx with an ordinary cat. The confirmation of this theory is the tassels on the ears of cats of this breed, which are believed to have gotten them from the trot-mum.

Those who study the origin of these cats assert that there are no secrets in the history. The breed appeared as a result of natural evolution.

The fur of these cats is the result of adaptation to severe snowy winters, as well as their voluminous fluffy tails, with which they wrapped themselves on especially cold winter nights.

Previously, the cats of these breeds were excellent hunters. Now they no longer have to show their hunting talents, but they have had a significant impact on their unique affectionate nature and some of its features.

Description of Maine Coon breed

Maine Coon kittens, like the adult cat of this breed, are some of the most extraordinary individuals of their kind. Its numerous dyeing, thick fluffy fur, extraordinarily dense tail, charming face and large sizes are the differences that distinguish the Maine Coon cat from many other animals of the cat family.

Maine coon apperance

More details about the features of Maine Coon gives a description of the breed.

Breed Standard (appearance)

In order to understand more clearly what the Maine Coon cat looks like, we will consider the description of the breed (characteristics of the breed).

  • The head is extended in length, and not in width, as in other cats. Curved profile, massive skull, high cheekbones and large triangular high set ears with tassels on the tips are those features of the head that present the presence of the Maine Coon breed.
  • The eyes are oval in shape, they are widely spaced. The color of the eyes should be in harmony with the color of the cat.
  • The neck is medium.
  • The body can be large or very large, it is the largest of its “brethrens”. The body is muscular, rather long and wide.
  • Their limbs are not proportional to the body, they are also large, muscular. They must have tufts of fur between the fingers of the paws,.
  • Tail is fluffy and large. The length of the tail can reach at least to the shoulders of the cat.
  • Fur of the Maine Coon cat is fluffy and very dense. In the area of ​​the head and neck, fur is of medium length but with a long “mane”. And “panties” and belly is decorated with a long thick undercoat.
  • Color can be different (black, white, red …).
  • The weight of adult cats can reach up to 15 kilograms, and the life span of giants is from 15 to 20 years.

The external signs of these cats clearly distinguish them from others, which is the fundamental argument for the acquisition of this particular kitten.

Maine Coon is not only a very beautiful animal, striking with its large muscular body (a photo with a man visually shows the entire shape of a cat), elegant appearance and very expressive eyes, but also an animal that has acquired a special character. About his character a lot can be learned from the owners of this cat whose feedbacks illustrate both owner and pet.

It is the owners’ feedback that strengthens the desire to keep such a wonderful pet. So what is so different about this big cat from others?

The funny habits of these big cats are something that touches and makes their owners laugh, because their great weight makes their games very humorous.

Maine coon character and features

These cats are always ready to help, no matter what you are doing. They are curious and cute and do not correspond to their large size.

Many believe that Maine Coons may offend, but it is not. These cats never release their claws unnecessarily, so they are benevolent, affectionate and very tender.

How many years do they grow?

The organism is finally formed at about 3-5 years of life.

Mobile and very playful Maine Coons will never let you get bored. It is easy to bring them up.

These cats adore space at altitude, so try to provide them with this comfort in the apartment (house), having acquired the likeness of a tree (by doing it yourself). When buying (producing) such a tree, do not forget to take into account the weight of the animal, the structure should be stable and functional (a place for rest, climbing and sharpening claws).

maine coon kittens

Adult cats of this breed are rather lazy; they are observers, whose curiosity has no limit. Sometimes it seems that they know about everything that is “going on” in the house, much more than you know.

These cats are educated and have a sense of dignity. They will never eat from someone else’s bowl and do not take food from the table, they will not beg.

Another interesting feature of this cat is its extraordinary “conversation”. Yes, you did not misinterpret, these cats do not meow, they make sounds like human ones. Their “speeches” have many expressive intonations.

How to care for Maine Coon

It is not difficult to care for these animals because even their thick fur does not require special care. The care and maintenance of these “lynx-raccoons” is very simple.

Their fur is silk, it does not get tangled, so it is not difficult to comb it out. Combing their fur should be done at least once a week (quite enough). Do not forget about chic tail, which also requires some attention.

Love your pet, care for it, not forgetting keeping the ears and claws neat; timely bathing and combing, then the pet will live with you for a long and happy life.


You can feed Maine Coon, as well as other thoroughbred cats. It is your choice what food to give but do not forget about the basic requirements: the food should be balanced, contain vitamins and be high-grade.

How much does Maine Coon eat?

50 grams of feed for every 3 kg of the weight of the cat is the diet while using dry food of premium class.

Photos of Maine Coon cats

The Maine Coon photos presented below will give you an idea of ​​some of their colors.

maine coon white cat

maine coon orange cat

maine coon black cat

In addition to the standard monochrome colors, on the photos which are shown above (white, red, black) Maine Coons may also have such colors as:

  • Marble, the shades of which can be in different combinations (2 colors).
  • Tortoiseshell, as well as marble, can be of different color combinations (three colors).
  • Blue – the color is quite rare and very unusual, since the blue cat is very beautiful.

Maine Coon kitten price

maine coon kittens price

On the average, the price of the Maine Coon kitten ranges from $400 to $1200.


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