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The fur of these cats may be just wavy or curly. In any case, curls are the main signs of the difference between LaPerm and other breeds.

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History of the LaPerm cat

The birthplace of this breed is the American city of Dallas with wild Indian roots, Oregon. Factually in Oregon, domestic cat Spidi born the first kitten of the LaPerm in 1982 in a usual farm.

At first it was completely bald and did not resemble its mother and other kittens. It had large, widely planted ears and bluish spots on the skin, reminding the color of a tabby. And two months later the kitten began to be covered with a soft curly fur. So it was called – Curly.

LaPerm cat history

The owners of the farm Linda and Richard Coel saw that the kitten was special, but did not give it much importance. That is why the curly cats continued to reproduce independently for ten years. And then the landlady noticed that there were too many of them and began to learn more about this breed.

When she realized how much such cats are unique, she seriously engaged in breeding LaPerms. Fortunately, the “curly gene” was dominant and passed on both the maternal and paternal lines.

In the Indian language, it was customary to create new words in French. So the name of the breed “Dallas la-perm” was obtained: the French article “la” + the English word “perm” – permanent perm. The breed has something similar to Devon Rex.

Description of the LaPerm breed

Cats of the LaPerm breed can be both short-haired and long-haired. They have average proportional sizes and a fairly large weight – up to 5.5 kg.

LaPerm cat description

How to identify these unique cats? Let’s consider the detailed description of LaPerms:

  • Head – triangular, wedge shaped with slightly rounded contours; whisker pads are full and round, the whiskers itself are long and flexible; wide muzzle with a strong chin;
  • Ears – medium and large sizes, combines with the wedge shaped head, long-haired cats can have tassels on their tips;
  • Eyes – medium and large, expressive, almond-shaped, slightly slanting from the outer edge. Colors can be different even not coinciding with the dyeing: red, yellow, green, blue, etc;
  • The body is medium-sized with a usual physique. The hip line is slightly above the shoulder line;
  • Paws – medium length, forelimbs may be slightly shorter, the paws themselves are rounded. Nevertheless, it seems that the cat is alert and walks on stretched paws;
  • Tail – length is proportional to the body, tapers to the tip;
  • Fur – different color, with the most twisted fur on the abdomen, neck and at the base of the ears.

Some kittens of LaPerms are born bald and begin to overgrow with fur during the first 4 months. In this case, the cat can then again be bald and with fur back again.

Other kittens of this rare breed are born with straight fur, but then they molt and are covered with curls. So, owners just guess what kind of fur the kitten can have first 6 months.


LaPerm colors

Any color or combination of colors is suitable for the breed standard. We list only a few basic ones:

  • white – pure shiny, nose and paw pads are pink;
  • black – dense coal color, nose and paw pads are also black;
  • reddish – deep, clean color without spots and ticking, nose and paw pads are pink;
  • ivory color – solid cream shade with pink nose and paws;
  • chocolate – a rich warm chocolate-brown color with a pink nose and paws;
  • the color of cinnamon is a light reddish-brown tone, much warmer and lighter than chocolate. The nose and paw pads appear slightly tanned or have a pinkish-beige color.

It is possible to enumerate infinitely because there are even more than 30 kinds of LaPerms’ color in official standards.


LaPerm cat is very gentle and affectionate, constantly looking for contact with a person. They immediately begin to purr, as soon as they feel the approach of the owner. At the same time it is noticed that the LaPerms often try to be closer to the person’s face, touch it with their paws and lick it with the permission.

LaPerm character

They like to show affection and feel it in return. The ideal place for LaPerms is the shoulders, chest or arms of the owner. They are inquisitive cats, who always come to the human call. Usually the LaPerms have a quiet voice, but when they want attention, they can be more sonorous.

Since the ancestors of the breed are from the farmer, the LaPermians are also excellent hunters. But they get along well in the apartments too.

Character feature of LaPerms is that, despite their exotic appearance, they are strongly attached to a person. These cats can adapt to any conditions, if only there is a loving owner nearby. It is not surprisingly that the reviews about them are the best.

Care and health

Dallas LaPerms have no undercoat, because they are hypoallergenic. And despite the original curls, they do not require complex care. Like all cats, it is enough to bathe and dry LaPerms with a towel. The hair dryer should not be used – it will ruin the “curl”.

After the fur dries, sprinkle a little water on it for the best curls. Long-haired LaPerms need to be combed once or twice a week.

Care for LaPerm cat

To feed LaPerms it is necessary as well as for other cats – a good balanced food. They are not pretentious about food.

This breed does not have hereditary and genetic diseases. But with the appearance of fleas, the allergy can be provoked. Therefore, it is important to regularly vaccinate and have some remedy for ectoparasites at home. Life expectancy of LaPerms is long – 12-15 years.

LaPerm cat price

The minimum cost is $200. But the average kitten of the LaPerm will cost $500. Price depends of color, sex, pedigree and purchase purposes.

LaPerm kitten price


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