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Highland Fold cat photo

History of the origin of the breed

The birthplace of the breed is Scotland. The story began in 1961. In a farmer’s house living near Coupar Angus, the cat brought an offspring, which was a white kitten with special ears. It was the first kitten highland fold. It was called Susie.

The tomcat was found for Susie who had the same special signs in the structure of the auricles and in 5 years the breed was officially registered.

Highland Fold cat history

The name of the breed is geographical. Highland is a mountainous area of Scotland. But not all folds are called that way. The English insist on the name “Coupar” (the birth place), people in North America believe that our heroes are “long-haired Scottish fold”.

The cat is beautiful, fluffy and specifically a fold. Its closest relatives are Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold.

Description of the highland fold

A cat with a particularly touching expression on the muzzle captivated not one human heart. Invisible fluids are very difficult to explain, but visions are collected in a description that provides a breed standard.

Highland Fold cat description

1. Kittens of this breed have a round head. Cheeks are developed. Vibrissa’s pads are rounded; there is a noticeable slight depression in the place between a short nose and a convex forehead. It has short muzzle with a strong chin.

The main features of the breed are two pretty little ears, which are folded in a special way. They should be small; the ears are set wide, visually low and folded forward and down.

IMPORTANT! Only when the kitten is two or three weeks old it becomes clear whether it is highland fold or not. Kittens’ ears can be squeezed first, and then they can unfold. And the reverse situation is also not rare. Unfold ears can squeeze.
Scottish Fold Longhair cat looks like a cloud from a picture – it’s all round.

The eyes of highland fold are also rounded and widely spaced. The color of the iris is often golden. Harmony between the color of the eyes and the main fur color is important.

2. Body size is more often medium. Cats of this breed look fatty. But this is the case when the cat does not have excess weight, but “the bone is wide.” Croup of cats is the same width with shoulders. The limbs are strong, of medium length. Paws are large. The tail is two-thirds the length of the body.

It must be flexible and tapering to the tip. If the tail is short, there are thickenings or hardens on it, so the breed standard considers these features as the disadvantages of the breed. The weight of the Scottish Fold Longhair cat is 3-8 kg.

3. According to the name of breed, these cats can boast of fine fur. It is of medium length. Differences in length on the muzzle and limbs are noticeable.

The fur is short, compared with the fur on the body, and the fur is less on the shoulders. Beautifying fur on “panties” and “collar” are luxurious! Beautiful tufts of fur are also placed on the fingers. The tail is amazing.

The fur of the Scottish Fold long-haired cat is not cottony but silky; it is very light and elastic. The undercoat is plentiful and it is not rough, but very soft and cloudy.

Highland Fold cat colors

4. Color of highland fold can be almost anything. Black, white, red, gray, monophonic color for highland fold is as relevant as marble, tiger, ticked, spotted, etc.

But the breed standard does not include non-specific white spots. And CFA does not recognize the lilac, chocolate color of highland fold and color point.


Scottish Fold Longhair cat is such a beautiful cat, to be a friend with which is a great pleasure. It is intelligent, soft, calm and cheerful. The nature of highland fold ascertains a comfortable coexistence with all members of the family. However, if it is alone at home, it is okay.

Highland Fold cat character

This cat does not suffer from loneliness and is great for those who are rarely at home. It appreciates orderliness in life, so the schedule made for the cat once and for all should be not changed.

Travelers’ reviews are also positive about this breed. Highland fold is stress-resistant and easily tolerates moving, leaving and arriving. Who is the most calm at the exhibitions? Highland fold! Who is always the first to meet the invited and uninvited guests? Highland fold!

And who likes to sit in the middle of the hall, folded his paws on its stomach and calmly watch on people stumbling over it? Highland fold!

In general, if you have a Spanish-temperamental family that loudly finds out what kind of sauce to serve – the cat is the only member of the family who will preserve sanity and calmness and will require a chicken instead of spaghetti!

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Surprisingly few genetic diseases are listed for the Scottish Fold Longhair cat. Basically, there are some of them relating to problems in the musculoskeletal system. Specialists say that the same gene, which folded cats’ ears, negatively affects the joints.

Highland Fold cat health

But kitten with health problems can be found out already at the stage of choice. How to determine the predisposition to joint diseases? First, the tail of the kitten should not be short and thick. Most often, kittens with such a tail are predisposed to joint problems. Swipe the baby’s back and tail.

The tuberosities or irregularities are a signal that the animal will most likely be sick in adulthood.

There are no other specific problems for the Scottish Fold Longhair cat, and if you are vaccinating and monitoring the health of the pet, the cat will be with you for a long time. After all, the lifespan of the fold is on average 15 years.

Care and maintenance

Highland cats are surprisingly unpretentious in care. Their rich fur does not need special attention. Weekly combing the highland fold is enough.

Highland Fold cat care

But the Scottish fold does not like frequent bathing. Their woolen fur dims and loses its “cloudy” qualities. Recommended frequency of bathing is every six months.

However, ears and eyes should be cleaned as often as possible. Due to the structural features, dirt accumulates in them and this can lead to illnesses. Hygiene and keeping the cat in a well-ventilated room at an air temperature of 20 degrees will be an obstacle to problems.


Of course, ready-made feeds are also not excluded, but breeders and owners of highland fold cats in most cases prefer natural food. Do not feed your pet with food from your table. Natural products for them should be prepared separately, without salt, sugar-free, without frying, etc.

Highland Fold cat feeding

Boiled marine fish, lean meat, offal, porridge, sour-milk products and vegetables are preference. Oil contributes to the better absorption of vitamins, so it is advised to add to the dishes when you feed the pet.

Highland Fold price

Highland Fold price

In the presence of ideal ears, vaccinations, documents and pedigree the cost of a kitten reaches $400 US. But you can buy a Scottish Fold Longhair cat cheaper. The price of a kitten without a package of documents is $100 US.


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