Havana brown

Havana brown cat – a breed of cats that are the result of interbreeding of Siamese and black domestic cats. The main difference between is – light chocolate color, narrow muzzle and big ears.

Havana brown cat photo


Despite the exotic name, the birthplace of the breed – England. Information about the brown cats date back to the 1800s. However, breeding Havana brown cat began only in the 1950s. Breeders Baroness Miranda Von Ullmann, Mrs. Ann Hargreaves and Mrs. Fischer have used Siamese cats chocolate color and single-tone black domestic shorthair cats. In addition, a mixture of Russian blue cat added, but today in Havana, the DNA of Russian blue is no longer exists.

Havana brown cat provenance

The breed registered in 1958. At the same time of the cats taken for cultivation in the United States. Due to genetic problems with English cats’ line, began to use the other breeds. As a result, the cats were different shades and they became known as brown oriental. Moreover, American breeders bred exclusively brown cats.

That this breed and named “Havana” – whether because the color similar to the color of Havana cigars, or because of the similarity with rabbit fur Havana brown cat breed.

Description Havana brown cat breed

Havana brown cat description

Cat breed Havana Brown has average dimensions and weighs usually more that it seems. Thus, the average weight of the cat is 3-4 kg, and adult cat – 4-5 kg.

The breed standard according to the TICA organization and a detailed description:

  • Head – more in length than in width, prominent chin with a minimum of wool, relief profile with a bend in the bridge of the nose, cheekbones expressive, rounded muzzle from the front;
  • Ears – slightly tilted forward, set wide apart, large, with rounded tips with a minimum of wool;
  • Eyes – Oval, great. Color: Any shade of green. This eye color can be changed up to one year of age from the birth;
  • The body – medium size, proportional;
  • Paws – long, slender, slightly longer than the rear of the front;
  • Tail – a slender, medium length, not broad at the base and tapering to the tip;
  • Coat – short, smooth and shiny, with a fluffy purple coloration.


Havana brown cat character

For Havana brown cat, human society is necessary. These cats get along well with small children and other animals. They are moderately active and playful, love to talk, but it sounds unobtrusively and even flirtatious. Havana loves height and trying to follow you around the apartment at the highest point of it.

It observed that cats Havana actively use their paws: touch interesting things, refer to the owner. From the long loneliness, they may become depressed and hurt. Therefore, it not recommended hold these cats if you do not be at home for a long time.

Care and Health

The legacy of the Siamese cats Havana has the tendency to certain diseases. It gingivitis (gum inflammation), diseases of the upper respiratory tract, renal failure, cardiomyopathy. Nevertheless, this does not mean the cat pain. Their average life expectancy – 15 years.

Havana brown cat care

Taking care of Havana brown cat counts as a minimum standard, procedures: a weekly combing, cleaning ears, rare bathing. Because of inherited predisposition to dental disease, Havana need regularly brush its teeth.

To feed these cats, advised to quality food 2 times a day. Young cats (1.5 s) fed three times, a pregnant cats and kittens – 4 times a day.


The following photo shows, howthe cat breed Havana looks like.

Havana brown cat colors

Havana brown cat colors

For Havana brown cat, characterized by two types of colors: Solid mahogany-red-brown (brown) and pink-gray or purple. This coat color is very rich and warm.

The brown color is more reddish tinge than dark black is. Whiskers are always in tone of cat’s color, nose and paws pink.

There is not any obvious pattern or a pattern. Havana Kittens are born spotted, but to the age of one year, they are monophonic.


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