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Foreign White is a breed that resulted from the breeding of the Siamese and monochrome white domestic cats. That is why these cats are also called white Siamese or white oriental short-haired. But unlike other absolutely white cats, the foreign white is not an albino and does not suffer from deafness.

History of the breed origin

The native land of Foreign White is England. It was there, almost 50 years old  the famous geneticist, Patricia Turner, looked at the lighted picture of a lilac Siamese cat and she came up with the idea of ​​breeding a fully white oriental cat with blue eyes and no hereditary deafness.

Foreign white cat history

November 5, 1962 British breeders began a breeding program: they bred the white British shorthair cat and the Siamese seal-point. As a result, the first Foreign White kittens appeared.

Description of Foreign White

Cats of the Foreign White breed have average sizes and weight of 3-5 kg. The breed standard according to the TICA organization is the same for the entire Siamese breed group: directly Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and Oriental long-haired.  Foreign White breed is included to the list also.

Foreign white cat description

Detailed description of the breed:

  • Head – long, but proportionate, on a slender long neck, tapers to a neat muzzle, with a flat profile, strong chin and flat forehead;
  • Ears – large, broad at the base, planted so that they continue wedge shaped head, similar to a triangle;
  • Eyes – oriental, almond-shaped, inclined;
  • Body – long and slender, pelvis is just above shoulder line, muscular physique;
  • Paws – long, slender, hind legs are longer than front, oval paw pads;
  • Tail – long, narrowed, similar to a whip, without fracture;
  • Fur – short, tight fitting.

Foreign White, like all Siamese cats, is very intelligent, sociable, playful and very devoted to humans. They are more like a dog by temperament. Foreign White likes to chase a ball, bring toys in teeth and sit at the owner’s shoulders.

Foreign White does not like loneliness, so if you are often not at home, keep a second cat, preferably with a similar character – Siamese, Balinese or Oriental. In the daytime the pet will accompany the owner around the house, and at night sleep with him in the same bed. These cats perceive a person as a member of their little lion pride.

Like all Siamese cats, Foreign White likes to talk. Their voice is more like the quiet crying of a child. Such a cat will never remain silent if it lacks your love and attention.

Care and health

Unlike other white blue-eyed cats, the Foreign White does not suffer from deafness. And in general, these cats are healthy, if properly breed them. The fact is that the Foreign White must be bred only among its breed and Siamese cats of colors lilac, blue, seal or chocolate.

When breeding with Siamese bearers of red pigment (red, tortie, cream, apricot), the probability of the syndrome of Waardenburg is high for kittens. And when the tabby point is mixed with the Siamese, the kittens can have freckles on the nose and lips.

Foreign white cat care

Life expectancy of Foreign is 15-20 years. Features of care for these cats are simple: weekly combing, very rare bathing and regular cleaning of large ears.


It can be balanced dry food or natural food with vitamins. These cats have a good appetite, but due to their activity they are not prone to obesity. Proteins should prevail in their diet, a moderate amount of carbohydrates and a minimum of fat.

Foreign white cat feeding


The main signs of the difference are his pure white fur and rich blue eyes. The nose and pads of the Foreign White are pink.

The white color of the fur is not albinism. The dominant “white gene” plays the role for this color. So even if one parent is white, then the kittens will be the same. But if both parents are white, then some kittens will be white, and others – blue.

Foreign white cat colors

In fact, they are traditional Siamese cats with point color – albino. Initially, all the Siamese kittens are born white. The standard color-point is the result of the partial Himalayan gene of albinism. Its essence lies in the fact that parts of the body with high temperature remain colorless.

Foreign white cat colors

Only those areas darken which are more often and faster are cooled than others – muzzle, ears, paws and tail. If the Siamese cat is fat, then the fatty layer acts as an insulator, and it can even completely darken.

Foreign White cat price

Foreign white cat price

How to determine how much a kitten of foreign white will cost? The average price for a representative of this breed is $200 US. The cost depends on gender, external data, kitten class.


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