Exotic Shorthair

An Exotic Shorthair cat is a descendant of the Persian cat. The mother country of the cat is the USA, where the exotic kitten was bred for the first time.

The origin history of the breed

An exotic short-haired cat was bred about 60 years ago as a result of crossing cats of breeds such as American shorthair and Persian. The objective of crossing the breeds was the excellence of the Persian wool.

Breeders were dissatisfied because of crossing breed, but these “miracle-fat dogs” with the snout of a small bear subdued the charm of many breeders and ordinary people. These lovely “cubs” were recognized in 1967 and in the 80th year this breed was legalized.

Exotic shorthair cat photo

That’s how the breed of cats “exot shorthair” appeared: a thick-plush teddy kitten with a funny face.

Exotic Shorthair – description and standard

An exotic cat has great similarities with its ancestor (Persian), therefore this cat can be called the Persian exot. Nevertheless, the exot cat has significant differences from the Persian.

We offer you the breed standard to make you more clearly understand what the features of this breed are. You will understand how the cat looks (how it differs from the Persian) based on this standard.

Exotic shorthair cat description

Here are the main features of the breed that can be seen in the photo:

  • The head has an average size and a rounded shape:- the muzzle is “flattened”
    – the eyes are large, widely spread and very expressive,
    – nose is snub,
    – cheeks are lower,
    – the ears are small (“look” down).
  • The body is medium-sized, the jamb is sturdy, the muscles are not bulging. If you look at the cat from the side, then its body reminds of a square.
  • The limbs are medium (not long, but not short), quite strong, both front and rear extremities.
  • The tail is small, proportional to the animal’s body.
  • Wool is short and soft, like a plush, there is undercoat.
  • Color were inherited from the Persians and can be completely different, as one, two and three colors with spots (tabby, point) of different sizes.

Exotic Shorthair cat has average weight (4-7 kg) and dimensions, as well as life expectancy (up to 15 years).

External features and character

The description of this breed, as well as its character, is perfectly represented by “the eyes of its owners and breeder” (whose reviews will not leave us indifferent). Let’s consider its basic features and features of character.

Exotic cats practically did not inherit anything from their American ancestor and, strangely enough, their character is similar to the second ancestor – Persian. Their voice is quiet and calm, like them, they are heard only from the redistributed moments (when the kitty wants something).

Exotic shorthair cat care

The expression of the muzzle of this “plush pussy” is unusually sweet, which makes exotic a favorite for children. Exotics are quiet and patient pets, with a fairly calm nature. They are very smart, they are distinguished by their cheerfulness, active and completely unaggressive. These cats easily get along, with both children and with animals. Their devotion is limitless, they suffer from loneliness and very fond of attention to their person.

These cats are ready to travel with their owners, as they are unnecessarily attached to it.

Therefore, if you have such a pet in the house, try to respect his affection for you and appreciate his love, do not leave it with strangers (if you intend to move).


Exotic care is not as simple as we would like, but there are no special difficulties. Features for their care are the same as the Persian’s. They are associated with the characteristics of their health – some physiological handicaps:

  • Difficulty breathing (due to a flattened nose), which is sometimes accompanied by snoring;
  • Deformation of the jaw (teeth);
  • Tear, the eyes of the animal should be monitored daily due to it.

Otherwise, these cats have a pretty strong health, which they inherited from his second parent – “American”.

If we talk about caring for exotic, except for rinsing the eye, then it is necessary not to forget about the following points:

  • follow the claws, providing a scratching, do not forget to cut the tips of the claws;
  • comb the hair (once a week) and wash the cat once a season (three months), but during moulting season more often;
  • the cat’s fur should be dried, after washing, since the undercoat is quite thick and dries for a long time. If you do not help the cat dry, it can get cold;
  • do not forget about the correctness of feeding (do not feed human food): balance and vitamins;
  • it is necessary to periodically withdraw worms and fleas from a cat.

Try to give love to exotic and give more attention, since this is the basic condition of their life expectancy (they fall into depression and die much earlier because of loneliness).

Exotic Shorthair cat colors

There are a lot of colors of the breed, as there can be different combinations of colors and tabby. We will show some of them (see photos).

  • Red tabby – color with a bright red tint on the back and less pronounced on the abdomen.
    Exotic shorthair red color
  • Marble – color, the shades of which can be different (red with beige, gray and black), but the “pattern” has such “marble” lines. See photos
    Marble exotic shorthair
  • Black color has no other shades.
    black exotic shorthair
  • Blue is the color of the gray-blue hue.
    blue exotic shorthair
  • Turtle color is a combination of colors.
    Turtle exotic shorthair
  • White color – the perfection of whiteness which is striking in its purity.
    white exotic shorthair
  • Ginger color has a delicate shade of beige (cream).
    ginger exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair cat price

Kitten Price – Average $500 – $700.

Conclusions about the breed

How to describe the nature of this breed in a few words? Do you know the Persian cat? It’s not like it at all! An exotic cat is more active and intelligent, more playful and more peaceful.

If one word describes the temperament of the breed, then this word will be serenity!

Breeders and masters of the exotic shorthair cat note the special sociability of the breed. They will also be happy to communicate with the owner of the house, and with children. Exotics calmly behave both within the house and on distant journeys being surrounded by their human flocks.

However, if you plan to train a cat exotic a couple of tricks, then your attempts will prove futile – the intellect of this breed is not adapted to human whims.

Like all artificially bred breeds, the exotic cat has a number of hereditary diseases:

  • Deformation of teeth and jaws;
  • Chronic sinus infections;
  • Epiphora – increased lacrimation;
  • Hereditary diseases of the kidneys.


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