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These cats – are legendary. Their ancestors in ancient Egypt were in such high esteem that the life of their revered as a holy being, after the cat sendto the waters of the Nile in the eternal kingdom, owners shaved off eyebrows in memory of cat and longtime were heartbroken, drawing pictures on papyrus in honor of the caudate celestial.

Egyptian Mau cat breed photo

The history of the Origin of the breed

Distinguishing features (special “leopard” color) in common those holy Nubian cats and known as Mau. However, the birthplace of the modern Egyptian Mau, not the country of the pyramids, but a country of great opportunities.

On several occasions, breeders have tried to restore the ancient breed, but force majeure efforts reduce them to zero. By the mid-1940s, members of this breed almost no longer met. However, in the case of Mr. intervened and Princess Natalia Trubetskaya.

Egyptian Mau history

Aristocrat, emigrated in 1956 from Italy to the United States, took with him a few Mau discharged from Cairo. It was there, in America, silver cat Lisa and Baba bronze cat Jojo in “Fatima” shelter have done everything possible and impossible to recreate the population.

After a couple of years Trubetskaya could boast 10th of beautiful Egyptian.

Egyptian Mau cat breed description

What is the Egyptian and what is the difference, say, from the fashionable nowadays Bengal cats? Indeed, at first sight between the breeds a lot in common, but the second and third convince us that the Egyptians have their own characteristics. Do Bengalis have exclusive color “scarab beetle”?

Is on the forehead of the other pussies, evolution inscribed mysterious “M”? After all, who other than Egyptian can clearly pronounce the “Mau”? That breed standard assures that the Egyptian Mau cat is unique and inimitable.

Egyptian Mau description

1. The head of the Egyptian Mau wedge, very harmonious one – neither excessive roundness nor unnecessary sharpness not observed. In the area of ​​the nose – a noticeable hump:

  • Ear sizes at Egyptian are medium or large. They are highly placed, pointed at the tip, allowed brush of ears alert, his ears covered with short hair;
  • Over the appearance of Egyptian Mau once worked goddess Bastet (a woman with a cathead), since their large almond-shaped eyes adorned with “makeup goddess” – distinct lines-connector.

Description of eye color in the breed standard is limited shade “young gooseberry”. Although the unripe berries cannot always please the owners of young animals. From 8 to 18 months, some kittens change eye color, but after a year and a half eyes of Mau should only be green!

Experts assessing compliance with the animal’s breed standards, suggest how to determine that in front of you exactly Mau. – pay attention to the cats eyes. If he was a little startled – before you Egyptian Mau in all the amazing beauty!

Egyptian Mau kitten

2. Egyptian cat’s body is compact, graceful and strong. On stomach Mau is a free skin fold, thanks to which the Egyptian beauty can make a big step, as compared to other feline beauties.

  • Shapes are average. Hind legs longer than the front, but at the expense of special step, back always looks smooth. Feet slightly oval, toes on the hind legs longer than the front.
  • The tail is also average; its thickness is practically the same throughout the length of the tail, only to the tip of the tail narrows and sharpens.
  • Speaking about, the body and the muscles of the Egyptian Mau. It should note that they are very OK. According to the standard, either overweight or thinnessis not welcome. The right balance – the key to the Egyptian beauty.
  • The Egyptian cat weighs 3-4 kg, but the handsome male – 4-6 kg. Moreover, reviews of the owners, male cats are more graceful and muscular than female woodcocks.
  1. The short coat of the Egyptian Mau cat feels wonderfully soft and silky. It is well glitters in the sun and has its own characteristics – each strand of wool is 2-3 ring. Not closed-ring necklace decorated breast Egyptian, not closed transverse strips are located on the front paws from the shoulder and back of the thigh.
  2. The Egyptian Mau is unique by the fact that nearly 256 of the world’s known breeds of cats – they are the only ones who spotted color of natural origin. Moreover, hairs specks form, painted only on the tip. Spots on the body cat scattered randomly, as mentioned above, but on the forehead of an animal, they form distinct letter “M”. In addition to the “M” in the area of ​​the ears, towards the nape spots inscribed visually marked «W».

Generally, the spots – this is for the Egyptian Mau rock-forming feature. They should be clear, ideally – round and contrasting.

No description will not give the beauty of this painting spotted! “Mackerel” (merging spots in the band) – the lack of breed.

Egyptian Mau cat breed

The standard for the Egyptian Mau three colors approved:

  • Silver color. Wool silver tones with charcoal markings;
  • Bronze color. Wool light bronze and chocolate markings;
  • Smoky color. Coat gray, with silver mid-tone, black tone marks.

Sometimes, black or “marble” Egyptian Mau mayborn. This so-called, “wild color”, when the combination of white wool as the main tone and red, as the markings. Cats such colors do not participate in exhibitions and breeding.

Another important point. Often 2-5-month kittens covered phasing, which gives them the appearance of neglected and ugly. Do not worry! For half a year, your “ugly duckling” will become a classic Egyptian!


Egyptian Mau character

Egyptian – a battery Energizer (not advertising). Therefore,not every breedcan boast about as amount of energy and expression. Moreover, since an early age kittens’ claws are showing so much energy that sometimes it turns into aggression. Just deal with the baby and about a 10-month kitten will learn to control emotions and you will reveal true moral character of kitten.

Egyptian catsare very devoted, would not separate someone from domestic flocks. Also smoothly and lovingly refers to all members of the household. However, the Egyptian Maudo not favorstrangers.

The owners of these cats mark their pleasant voice and the ability to “talk for life.” They catch intonation hosts and appropriately respond to them. They prefer to climb to high places of the house and from there to watch the humans.

Most Mau love the water, and if from younger days, to adapt them to the water procedures, and then an adult swimming will bring only pleasant emotionsto owner and pet.

Egyptian Mau is a good hunter (it is genetic) and is particularly fond of games related to fishing toys. By the way, Mau anxiously guardsfavorite toys and may even growl when you try to take away from it.

In general, the breed balanced in character and for the development of the intellectual.


Egyptian Mau health

Since initially the gene of the breed, Mau was very limited, and the list of inborn diseases was impressive.

The first place in the list – cardiomyopathy and asthma. Today, these diseases cannot called typical for Mau. However, remember that the Mau respiratory system is very sensitive and must be protected from dust, tobacco smoke and so on.

This breed whip – it is an allergy. Mau allergens and not all foods are suitable to them. If the cat scratched, and her skin flushed – change the diet (more on diet – below).

Life expectancy of Egyptian Mau 13-15 years.

Care for Egyptian Mau

Care for Egyptian Mau

Experienced breeders do not advise to keep Egyptian Mau in small apartments, as the small size of the territory can depress animal.

If your pet is a member of the silver type, use shampoos such as those thatwoman use a to remove yellow tint to the hair when bathing and then use an ordinary cat shampoo for stains on light areas of wool. After a few bathing, unwanted stains disappear.

Other features of the care of the Mau is not exist. Reasonable Care ears and mouth, as well as regular combing – that is the whole care.


Egyptian Mau feed

Like any decent battery, Egyptian Mau has its own energy consumption. They are very active and hence, they should eat well. The average daily consumption is necessary to be at the rate of 80 kcal per 1 kg of body weight per day.

To feed Mau, experts recommend dry or canned food. Primarilyit due to their tendency to allergies.

For Egyptian Mau choose feed super premium class, designed specifically for this breed. Of course, the cost of such feed is high enough, but the pet’s health is more expensive.

An interesting fact – among all cats, yard and thoroughbred, Mau, perhaps the champion on the run. Egyptians can reach speeds of up to 58 kilometers per hour. Photo and video of Mau races can be a decoration of your home album.

Egyptian Mau price

Egyptian Mau kitten costs 500-800$.

If you are offered an Egyprian mau on online auction – be careful and remember that it is not so simple to buy the Mau. Even in Europe, only three nurseries are engaged this breed.


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