Devon Rex

Is Alien creature, with big ears and a huge loving heart? Meet this Devon Rex. Where from it came and how to meet the extraordinary guest?

Devon Rex photo

The history of the origin of the breed

Homeland of Devon Rex is England. How looks like a Devon Rex? Probably directly influenced by folklore trolls, hobbits and dwarves. First cat with original appearance noticed in 1960 in the county of Devonshire near an abandoned mine. The breed not given to the hands of the researchers, preferring the freedom, whichis the benefits of civilization.

Devon Rex history

However,walking beside him and managed to get black kitten named Kyrle (Eng. Curly),it was the father (founder) of the whole breed Devon Rex. In Europe, the breed recognized immediately, but had some difficulties in America for almost 20 years before the next side of ocean recognized the independence of the Devon Rex.

Appearance and description of breed Devon Rex

Inexperienced people, who saw Devon Rex for the first time easily be confused with a similar breed the type of breed Cornish Rex. In fact, the similarity is quite apparent and each “Rex” has its own characteristics. So, how to determine what is in front of you Devon?

For this is better to give a small description of the breed:

1. Head Devon rex is small, with maculated cheekbone:

  • snub nose;
  • Large eyes, set wide apart, obliquely. Eye color corresponds to the color – a golden-green, green, yellow. Exception – Siamese color. Siamese cats are different eye colors of the sky – amazingly clear and blue;
  • Ears noticeably large, wide-set. Brushesmay be like a butterfly;
  • Curled mustache and eyebrows, thick, medium length;

2. The body, according to the standards of the breed has a stocky type. Dimensions – average. Elegant bone structure in cats and in kittens, Devon Rex observed a powerful chest and tall legs, and hind legs longer than the front.

In Devon Rex, amazing extremities fine motor skills and monitoring their “fingers”, cat owner will take huge positive emotions! Devon Rex tail is long and thin, slightly rounded at the end.

Adult cats gain weight up to 4.5 kg, average aged cat breed Devon Rex weigh 2,3 – 3,2 kg

Description of breed Devon Rex

3. The coat is short, soft, wavy, without visible of guard hairs. Muzzle, back, hips and thighs covered with slightly longer hair than the rest of the body. The lack of fur at all – a disadvantage.

4. Color. By the standards of the breed genetically allowed all possible colors and combinations – wool can be black, and gray, and white, and red, even purple spotted!


If you describe the character of the little elf in a word, this word –Cat&Dog! In the opinion of the owners, they quite like a dog, loves the owner and go behind them, wagging its tail in pleasure.

This breed is not suitable for those who are rarely at home, because the Devon Rex morally very dependent on the beloved master – they like to get closer to your favorite person, settling comfortably in the neck or chin, pretending astrakhan collar, looking into his eyes, waiting for the command!

Devon Rex character

Yes, the Devon Rex is well trainable and able to follow simple commands. If kitten Devon Rexappearedin your house, then soon kitten will begin bringing Oporto, and adult cats are capable of such miracles.

By the way, the main differences cat alien from other species is, they are playful and inventive at any age! I get along well with children.


Number of diseases that may be encountered curly cat owners:

  • Devon Rex are prone to hip dysplasia;
  • Dislocation of the patella also common in the breed;
  • Some lines traced hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a hereditary heart disease);
  • To the Devon Rex happens hereditary myopathy (muscle dysfunction).

Devon Rex health

However, do not be afraid of the listed diagnoses; Do not rush to seek their symptoms in your pet. Booked – forearmed! In general, experts note, Devon has remarkably good health and a life expectancy of 15-17 years.

Care and Maintenance

So, you have surrounded the lop-eared kitten, and especially among the one sunk into the soul? Get ready for the special care and education. More specifically, the fact that no features not. Almost!

First, teach your kitten to regular water procedures. Because of the lack of hair in the conventional sense, Devon quickly becomes dirty and sticky, which can lead to skin diseases, so bathing them vital. Havea warm water bath and immerse a catin it and a rubber duck. Just watch and enjoy!

Bathing frequency depends on the physiological characteristics of each individual Devon Rex. Someone approaches one bath day in the month, and someone has to arrange weekly bathing. Some kittens not mind jump to the bathroom on their own, especially if there is already a favorite host. In this case, you can do without a rubber duck!

Devon Rex Apperance

Secondly, keep in mind that in the pharmacy present the cat eye drops. As the eyes of the Devon Rex are very large, they are susceptible to contamination and best cope with them veterinary drugs. Here you learn how to wipe the kittens’ eyes.

Remember, they have (very) large ears. They accumulate a lot of dirt and oily secretions, and once a week you need to clean the ears. Moreover “butterfly wings” will then be healthy and aesthetically beautiful.

About Allergy

Since wool Devon Rex rare and short, then it is necessary only occasionally comb, minimal shedding. Devon little shed, and this is an obvious advantage – the hairs do not stick to clothes, do not hang in the air, on the furniture and cushions. Those who are allergic to wool do not suffer from communication withDevon,any discomfort that gave rise from the myth of hypoallergenic breeds. However, do not count on it with allergies.

You must remember that in addition to allergy to wool, can be an allergic reaction to the flakes of animal skin and so on. Therefore hypoallergenic cats (though and dogs too) do not exist.

Since there are not fur pillows in Devon, might give the impression that their body temperature is above normal. Nevertheless, close contact with Devonian wheel lets you feel what it is hot and velvety. So in addition to the astrakhan collar Devon Rex perfectly mimic a heating pad!


Devon rex eating habits

Feeding Devon Rex with a natural food and with special food–it is up to you.
If select the first type of feeding, make sure that the food was not salty, not fat (no more than 20-25%). If you give preference to special food – the only premium! The main indicator of the correctness of your choice – no animal allergies to food and lack of digestive disorders.

Devon has no “saturation center” and the Devonian cats overeat. Therefore, you have to follow the figure of Devonians and control a bite from his bowl, not steal from your food. Reviews about the breed from owners, that kittens and Devon Rex cats are big foodies and gladly regale pickled apples black or some bread.

Price of Devon rex

The average price for a Devon Rex kitten is 250-500$. The cost affects the kitten’s class (breed), quality and bloodline manufacturers. An adult animal costs less, but this is the case when acquiring an adult animal can prove to be profitable not only financially. Remaining crazy kittens at any age, the adult Devons are well-bred and socially adapted.


Devon Rex are surprisingly photogenic. Their full glamor look at the photo captivates. The cat from the picture with pleasure posing in front of cameras and  quickly becomes a star of social networks.

Black color

Black color Devon Rex

Two-color (white-gray)

Two color devon rex cat photo

Golden color

golden corol devon rex cat

Gray color

Grey color Devon rex cat


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