Cornish Rex

Lunar boy from the fairy tale and exquisite, bohemian English woman – this is the look of the typical male cats and female ones of the Cornish Rex breed.  These glamorous cats do not leave anyone indifferent.

Cornish Rex cat photo

Some people perplexedly consider Karakul beauties, and some people have already recognized their primacy in the cat beauty contest of the Cat Universe.  Below – the characteristics of the breed and some information about cat.

History of the origin of the breed

The motherland did not immediately accept the curly-haired girls for the breed.  If there was not an accidental coincidence, the Cornish Rex breed might not have taken place.

Because the royal curly mutation in cats sometimes happened before  in the homeland, in England, but people destroyed the curly girls, looking at what a strange animal looks like, girls, took them for ailment, suspecting suspecting contamination with a scab.

Cornish Rex cat history

And only when on July 21, 1950 in the United Kingdom, one domestic turtle-white cat Serena who had a litter of five kittens and one of them turned out to be “Sue’s curly hair,” that fateful coincidence happened.  The mistress of the kittens, who, by the way, was called Ennismur, turned out to be a specialist in breeding rabbits, she noted the unusual nature of the newborn and took it very closely.

The kid was called Kallibunker.  He was crossed later with his mother Serena, in this litter, also curly-headed kittens appeared  and further was already a matter of selection technique.

After 30 years there was the first Cornish Rex exhibition in America.  The breed began its triumphal move on the planet!

Description of the Cornish Rex breed

Cornish Rex description

The description of the appearance of the Cornish Rex could be started and ended in three words – lightness, grace and height.  And this is the case when what the Cornish looks like is equal to what he leaves as an impression with closer communication.  On the nature of the character a little later, and now about how to determine that the perfect Cornish Rex is before you, that is, the breed standard:

1. The head of the Cornish Rex is small and wedge-shaped, with pronounced cheekbones:

  • Nose of the Roman form, straight, bridge of the nose clear, noticeable, long profile;
  • The ears are large, they are planted high, wide at the base, and at the ends get stiff;
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, with a slight withdrawal upwards from the bridge of the nose. The color of the eyes should be saturated and combined with the coat color of the animal, usually it is greenish-golden, yellow or green.  Si-rexes have (the so-called Cornish Rex of the Siamese coloring), eyes of an exceptionally blue color;
  • Mustache and eyebrows long, curly.

2. The body of the Cornish Rex is a race (hound) type. The size is often small or not big.  The males are proportionally larger than the females of the Cornish Rex breed.  The torso of the cornice is long, the back is curved and this arch is visible, even when the cornrex is naturally standing.  Chest, shoulders, hips are – one width. The tail is very long and very flexible, tapering at the end. The adult cats weigh no more than 3 kg, and the cats gain weight to 4.5 kg.

3. Wool – pure astrakhan. In the sense that the short, silky, wavy Cornish fur is thick and deep, the description reminds a karakul fur coat. Waves of scribble run from the graceful head on the back, sides and so on to the tip of the flexible tail.  Unlike other rexes, in the Cornish rex’s fur is different, on the lower part of the chin, chest and abdomen, the fur is thick and the same is curly.  Naked areas are not welcome and are considered as a major drawback.

4. Color. The breed’s founder, the same Cornishbearish kitten named Kallibunker, was red and white, and, apparently, since then the attitude to the color of the Cornish Rex is quite democratic. According to breed standards, any color and color combinations, including point variants, two- and three-color colors are allowed.


Who is smarter, smarter and smarter in the world?  The responses of Cornish rex owners unambiguously lobby their pets, noting the obvious signs of intellectuals in their behaviour .  Differences of the Corniches from the usual cats are not only in the special wool and structure of the ears, but also in the fact that the Cornish is not one who “walks by itself”.

The nature of them is special – they are very attached to the owner, and not to the house and it is very captivating.  Plus, to the cat’s karma another piquant fact can be added – the Cornish cats do not tag the territory to most of them, this will allow to preserve reproductive functions!

Cornish Rex character

And in general, Cornish Rex, this solid NOT – does not tag, does not take revenge, does not bite, does not steal from the table, it is impossible not to applaud this aristocracy!

By the way, if the kitten of the Cornish Rex from the young claws walks in the light, then in adulthood, it easily tolerates such routs and walks with pleasure on a leash or in a special purse (the main thing is that it harmonizes with the color of the eyes).

And they are big inventors and are famous for being able to invent games by themselves!  And who then says that the Cornish Rex are not intellectuals ?!


Cornish Rex – these kittens are long-livers.  They can live up to 20 years! Staying kids in their souls.   However, the average life expectancy of the Cornish is still 15 years. At the present time (and this is a rarity) Cornish Rex has not revealed any diseases associated with genetics!  If the breeders will continue to treat the breed carefully and do not unfairly “improve” it, the Cornish Rex will still have strong health and powerful immunity.

Cornish Rex health

Of course, it’s worth to be attentive to the ambient temperature.  If the apartment is frankly cool, then nobody is insured from catarrhal diseases, including a short-haired curly cat.  In this case, he may face diseases of the upper respiratory tract or cystitis.  Be careful and at a low temperature in the house, insulate the pet.

Cornish Rexes are very sensitive to anesthetics.  They are heavier than cats of other breeds coming out of anesthesia and can show an unexpected reaction to the most seemingly conventional drugs (n/a paracetamol).

This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the cornice, so never engage in self-medication of the cat and warn the veterinarian of this physiological feature.

Care and maintenance

List of “NOT” Cornish Rex can continue: do not sweat, do not shed … Very convenient in the content of the breed!  One could add that they do not cause allergies, but at this point it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail.  Of course, there is practically no wool from the cornrex in the apartment.  But the allergy is often provoked not by her, but by a person who is in the saliva of cats.

Licking out, an ordinary cat increases the scale of the spread of this substance, because her hair flies around the apartment and, eventually, the whole dwelling becomes allergic.  The Cornish Rex’s wool does not fly, besides regular baths wash a special salivary substance into the water supply, so the percentage of allergies is significantly lower than from the usual cat.

Cornish Rex care and maintenance

Bathing Cornish Rex is better once every two months, using a special shampoo.  To wash the animal you need massaging movements for the growth of hair and after a quick and thorough drying of the pet (Cornish Rex do not like not like drafts).

According to the owners, the cat’s ears require special attention.  After dipping a cotton bud into the vaseline oil, gently clean the ears, trying to touch only the visible part of the ear.  This procedure should be done weekly.

Care for the eyes, claws and teeth is common.  Eyes are wiped with a cotton wool soaked in drops “Diamond eyes”, claws, if it is necessary, cut, teeth should be cleaned once a week with a special toothpaste.  Pretty boy!


Cornish Rex feeding

Traditionally, it is up to you to decide whether to feed or not to feed your pet with special foods.  The main thing to remember is that meat food should form the basis of the diet (80%), and the rest – vegetables and plus yummies.  If you cook by yourself, then buy lean meat, freeze or boil it (so you can avoid the risk of infection with worms).  And do not forget to change the drinking water.

TIP!  If the cat Cornish Rex is your first kitten in life, do not rush to buy him a nice little double bowl.

It is inconvenient, much more practical to have a separate dish for food and a separate – under the water.

Cat diets (and there are such) recommend Cornish rexes  a couple of times a month to arrange unloading days, so that your pet does not look like a curly-haired sausage.

In general, remember that the owners’ testimonials are as following: Cornish rexes are better to be slightly underfed than being overfed!

Cornish Rex Price

Cornish Rex kittens cost 250-500$


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