“My dear” – say the owners of the breed chausie to their pets. And they are not at all mistaken!

If you made a choice in favor of a kitten between buying a new car and purchasing a kitten chausie, then congratulations – you are a real fan of the breed, and there is one of the most expensive representatives of cats in the world has settled in your house!

Chausie cat photo

The origin history of the breed

Chausie is not just a friend or a pet.  This is also a special reason for pride.  Kitten chausie is one of the five most expensive cats in the world, it has a non-standard appearance, unusual genes and in general, bend your head – Their Majesty Chausie walks!

The chausie was crowned quite recently – only in 2003 a new breed was officially recognized.  But long before the delivery of the power and the scepter, the breeders were already engaged in the chausie closely.  It is known for sure that the ancestors of all chausies are kings of sand quarries reed cats (latin Felis Chaus).

Chausie cat history

In front of their reed charm (House, remember this name), domestic cats could not resist, and hybrid kittens  appeared from adulteries who had their own characteristics.

These features were not taken into consideration for a long time, before the Americans did not see that the kittens are something like in the pictures and did not engage in their selection.  American breeders decided to bring the animals out with the appearance and temperament of the savage, but with a domestic character.  Such the struggle of opposites.

This matter turned out to be difficult, but grateful.  After all,  it is difficult breed chausie .  But luck favors stubborn and the breed is quite famous and popular in his homeland, in America.

Description of the Chausie breed

Chausie description of breed

The description of the chausie could be added to the poem “Predatory and Beautiful”.  The way the chausie looks, how it walks, how it looks should be sung in verse, but till a decent pita has not been found, all of the above has already been sung by breeders and the standard of the breed is called:

1. The head of the chowzy is small, its differences are strong chin and angular cheekbones:

  • Nose is straight and elongated. In general, the profile of the chausie is a classic profile of the hunter;
  • Ears are like a good hunter’s ones, of course, on the vertex! They are wide, erect, decorated with tassels at the ends and this adds to the representatives of the breed a special predatory charm;
  • Chausie’s eyes are beautiful. This description would be enough, but according to the standard of the breed, you need to add that the eyes are slightly slanting, preferably of amber color.  But not only yellow is allowed, but also greenish-yellow and green shades are allowed;
  • Neck is small, like small pumas short, wide, but very muscular.

2. The body is long and elegant. The size of most animals is large and this should be taken into account by future owners. The thorax is deep, the tail of the cat is three-quarters of its length.  Extremities are strong, long, paws are large.

The weight of an adult is 10-15 kg. Male Cats are noticeably larger than female cats, but female cats are much more active than male cats!

Chausie cat description

3. Wool and color. The wool cover is short and very thick. Visually, the hair of the chausie is shiny, and tactile is – elastic.  Each coat of hair is at least twice ticked.  How to determine by color that chausie is not before you ?  Before you just not an official representative of the breed, if it is corny gray, red or white.  Representatives of the breed can be painted only in three colors – black, in a ticked silver or ticked tabby.

IMPORTANT!  The tip of the tail and tassels are on the ears with any coloring is only black.  The figure on the body of the chausie can be indistinct, but not necessarily blurred on the head, paws and tail, and a “necklace” is placed on the neck is .

Appearance (as well as character) of domestic predators directly depends on the generation and percentage of the blood of House (that’s what a name came in handy!).  These signs are denoted by letters F (branch):


  • F1 – at least 50% of Haus’s blood or one of the parents (father) was House;
  • F2 – at least 25% of Haus’s blood, one of the grandparents was House;
  • F3 – House blood 12.5%;
  • F4 – 6.25% of House blood;
  • F5- 3.12% of House blood.

The higher percentage, the more the character is “correct”.  And about this – below.

Chausie character

Reviews of the Americans, as people who are closely acquainted with Their Majesty, are one – chausie is the best companion-cat.  But we will be objective, “wild” blood still affects the character of the animal.  Yes, they are very sociable, yes, affectionate and tender, but Papa-House genes force them to do things that are inconceivable for domestic cats.

Chausie adore water, with pleasure is not only swim, but  they also engage in water hunting!  They love the height and they occupy high cabinets in your house , a shelf under the ceiling, mezzanine and a bookcase.

Chausie character

They make stocks.  Unbeknownst to the master’s eye, the chausie can take the right thing and hide it in a place which is known by him only. You will periodically stumble on these caches.

Male and female chausie cats need communication so that in the absence of the owner they can become friends even with a chain dog.  In addition, they love to learn and therefore from time to time you need to arrange master classes on something interesting and then, of course, put a tasty evaluation.

And yet, given the size of the pet, it’s best to immediately allocate a place for games to the kitten, otherwise in time you will begin to worry about the integrity of your entire home.

In general, this breed of cats will feel better in a private house than in an apartment, especially if there is a large courtyard.


Chausie cat health

Wild ancestors gave the breed good health, but not without errors:

  • the cats have sensitive digestion and this must be taken into account when you are forming their diet;
  • the generation of Chausy F1 is difficult to accustom to the tray;
  • another nuance emerges during puberty – males to the third generation are sterile.

Care and maintenance

Chausies are very, very active cats.  They cannot be locked in four walls – there it is boring and not free.  Therefore, they absolutely will not mind a walk on the harness, and for periodic outings on the nature, they will be sincerely grateful to you!

A weekly combing is enough to maintain the coat at its best.

There are no other features to care for elegant handsome pets.


But the features of nutrition is abound!  Do you remember about the predator daddy?  Together with the genes, he passed on a passion for meat and an inability to digest cereals.  Therefore, dry food, even the super-premium class does not have to be given.

Chausie cat feeding

Chausie eats meat! Chausie eats raw meat, it can be meat of birds, fish, rabbit, beef, fodder mice, quails, day old chickens.

IMPORTANT! Do not feed pork in any way, it can cause Aujeszky’s disease.

Chausie are gluttonous, because the remains of food are best removed from their field of vision.  If they get hungry, sometimes it’s better to drink some more water once.

Vitamins and calcium should be given from the moment of transition from milk and up to 2 years every day.

Chausie cat price

A real chausie is very difficult to buy, but in Europe it is almost impossible. This is due to the peculiarities of breeding the breed. Nurseries are mostly afraid to face difficulties, so individual brave breeders are worthy of medals for courage. Therefore (including) so the price for a small miracle with brushes is so high.

Chausie cat price

On average, the cost ranges from $2000-5000. Separate kittens cost … fanfares sound … $18000!

How much does a cat cost this breed ?! You did not mishear!


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