Ceylon cat

Ceylon cat is a very rare breed. In this case, these are the only cats who were bred in Italy. Although their nature is much more exotic. And their main signs of difference are a unique color: ticking + drawing of a tabby.

Ceylon cat photo

The origin history of the breed

As it is obvious from the name, the birthplace of the breed is Ceylon – now it is the Sri Lanka iceland.  The Italian doctor Paolo Pelegauta arrived there in 1984.  And he liked the local cats so much that he brought several with him to Italy. There, he started a breeding program along with other breeders to identify a new breed, remove unwanted features and set a standard.

The exact genetic origin of this breed is unknown. There were other red and spotted cats in Sri Lanka who could be the ancestors of those cats that we know today. In addition, it is not a fact that wild cats did not participate in natural selection. The breed is something similar to a Thai cat.

Description of the Ceylon breed of cats

The Ceylon cat has small or medium sizes. The weight of an adult cat is 2.5-4 kg.

Ceylon cat description

The breed standard and detailed description according to the WCF World Cat Organization:

  • Head is round, short and broad, with prominent cheekbones, forehead slightly flat, profile with slight bend, expressive chin and lower jaw;
  • Ears are large, broad at bottom, with slightly rounded tips, high set, close to each other;
  • Eyes are large and widely planted, upper edge of the eye almond-shaped, lower – round. Color: from bright yellow to green;
  • Nose is short;
  • Body is small or medium-sized, compact, well developed thorax, broad shoulders and hips, rounded abdomen;
  • Paws are medium length, slender, rounded on pads;
  • Tail is relatively short, tapering to a rounded tip;
  • Wool is very short, thin and silky structure, closely adheres to the body, a small undercoat.

Ceylon cat character

The Ceylon cat is very lively and active. She is always interested what is happening around her. At the same time, it adapts quickly in a new environment. Ceylon cat loves a large and open space, but normally gets on well in the apartment, if she has, where to clear up.

Ceylon cat character

According to the owners, these are obedient and not at all aggressive cats. They are balanced and patient, love affection and become attached to the owner. They are also friendly and trusting to outsiders.

Care and health

Ceylon is a very rare breed, because there is no complete information about the health of these cats and how to take care of it. It is noticed that Ceylon cat is more inclined to catarrhal diseases because of the short nose. Because it is important that the pet receives a full vitamin nutrition.

In general, the care of the Ceylon cat is standard for short-haired cats: rare bathing, combing a couple of times a week, cleaning the ears, teeth and eyes.


The correct diet is also important for maintaining the beauty of the coat. Therefore, ceylon you need not only a dry holistic feed to feed the ceylon, but also porridges, vegetables, greens, low-fat boiled meat and offal. Due to poor digestibility, it is not recommended to feed these cats with cereals.


Usually a Ceylon cat has a one-color background color with a ticking. This breed is similar to the Abyssinian one. But at the same time there is a picture on the paws of cats – also Abyssinians once had it. Therefore Ceylon cat is often compared with wild Abyssinian.

Color of Ceylon cat can be of different shades: from sand to gold.

There is a difference in the tone of ticking:

  • black;
  • red;
  • tortilla (tortoiseshell);
  • blue;
  • cream;
  • bluish-cream.

Black ticking on a gray background is called a manila color.

Ceylon cat colors

The strips may be torn on the neck. A clear pattern with stripes is visible on the back, paws and tail of the Ceylon cat, there is a pattern in the form of the letter M on the forehead. There are two rows of spots on the abdomen. The tip of the tail is painted in the color of a ticking. Pads of paws in tone to color, nose – pink with rim in tone of wool.

Ceylon cat price

How much will you cost a kitten of a Ceylon cat? This is an extremely rare breed of cats, which still try to find. The task is complicated by the fact that it is forbidden to cross ceylon with other breeds. Because the price of these kittens will be high, but exact price could not be found.

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  • February 14, 2018 at 2:04 am

    I have a Ceylon cat that I rescued from Sri Lanka, she is my little princess! She is 3yrs old and cost me a fortune to bring her to the UK!


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