Cat Litter, Litter Boxes and House Soiling Problems

We are launching a new post series about cat litter. Over past several years we did write some posts related to cat litter, cat litter boxes and cat house soiling problems, and we’d like to take it on a new level providing comprehensive series on topics about, and related to cat litter.

What we are going to take a closer look during forthcoming moths are as follows.

  • How to train a cat to use a litter box?
    • When it’s necessary to start litter training a cat?
    • How to litter train a kitten?
    • How to litter train an adult cat?
  • How to stop a cat from housesoiling?
    • Top reasons for cats not using their litter box
    • How to make the litter box more desirable?
    • How to make inappropriate elimination spots undesirable?
  • How to choose the best litter box?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of covered litter boxes
    • Advantages and disadvantages of automatic cat litter boxes
    • Advantages and disadvantages of sifting cat litter boxes
    • How large litter box should you choose?
  • Cat litter box placements

    • Where to place a cat litter box?
    • How many litter boxes per cat do you need?
    • How to keep a dog and kids out of the litter box?
    • How to make the litter box discreet?
    • Does an outdoor cat need a litter box?
  • Reviews of different cat litter types
    • Differences between cat litter types
    • Silica cat litter review
    • Clumping cat litter review
    • Absorbing cat litter review
    • Pine Cat litter review
    • How to switch to a new cat litter type?
    • What to do if the cat litter is dusty?
  • Cat litter box cleaning?

    • Why is your litter box so smelly?
    • How often should you clean a cat’s litter box?

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