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California Spangled cat breed information: health and care, character, feeding, photos, cat price information.

When the cowboys rode around their ranches, when wild mustangs raced along the prairies, when the gold diggers explored the mines, cats were always watching them closely! Some of them became the ancestors of the most beautiful breed – the Californian Spangled.

History of the breed origin

The appearance of a new breed is almost a ready Hollywood scenario. Moreover, Californian Spangled cat was created by Hollywood screenwriter Paul Casey.

California Spangled cat history

So, titles appear on the screen: “1971 year”. A young American named Paul comes to Africa. Fate leads him to the famous canyon Olduvai George.

Soundtrack sounds (light banjo chords). And at this very moment Paul Casey learns that the last leopard that lived in the canyon was killed by poachers. Silence.

According to the Hollywood scenario, our hero was to set out in pursuit of the villains, enchant Angelina Jolie along the way, catch and punish the villains by pre-reading a lecture on the inadmissibility of poaching. But everything happens differently in reality.

Paul Casey was shocked by this senseless murder and, having returned to California, contacted anthropologist Luis Leakey. Together they decided to bring out a breed of cats similar to a leopard. The purpose of this work is more than good. The scriptwriter and anthropologist dreamed that people stopped wearing fur coats, because the fur that goes to their production is so similar to the fur of cats.

11 (!) generations of cats and the years of breeding – a mini leopard purred on the knees of Paul. The new breed mixed genes of Siamese, Angora, British, Abyssinian cats. Paul at the end added an Egyptian street cat of spotty color as a ‘cherry for this cocktail’.

The banjo sounds again and the screen shows titles: “To be continued”!

Description of the breed

The birthplace of the Californian Spangled cat gave this breed the best qualities – primitive savagery and modern civilization. And about the latter – it’s only signs of character but the wild features – the distinctive features of the cat appearance.

California Spangled cat description

1. The head of the Californian Spangled is of medium size. The forehead and cheekbones are convex, the jaws and chin are developed, the muzzle is of medium length, full, the pads of the vibrissae are well developed:

  • Ears are soft, set high, they are medium in size and slightly rounded at the tips;
  • Eyes are almond-shaped; they are large and slightly obliquely set. The color of the eyes should be in harmony with the basic color of the pet. The blue, gray color of the iris is allowed with the appropriate color of the fur, but the green eyes of the California Spangled are unacceptable. A light stripe is from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge of the mouth.
  • Neck is cylindrical, strong and long.

2. The body of the California Spangled is shaped like a rectangle.

Differences from other breeds are also noticeable in the special structure of the limbs. The forelimbs make an angle of 90 ° with the elbows. Visually there is an impression that the cat always spreads on the ground. They walk, as it were, stealthily, which increases the impression of their delicacy.

The paws are of medium size, oval in shape.

The tail is long, of uniform thickness along the entire length. The fur on the tail is long and fluffy. Black fur on the tip of the tail and a ring of dark color on all the lengths are characteristic of this breed. Light fur on the tip of the tail is unacceptable.

The average weight of the cat is from 4 to 8 kg.

3. Fur
What does animal fur look like? In general, it is short, except for the stomach and tail. The fur itself is soft and closely adjacent to the cat’s body.

4. Color.

Characteristic predatory spots on fur are preferable to rounded or rectangular shapes. And it is important that the picture is clear and contrast.

Spots are round, oval or triangular.

Not allowed: rings, scales or crescents.

California Spangled cat description

The color of the California Spangled cat is its main wealth and dowry. The description of all possible colors of the Spangled cat is fixed. The breed standard allows eight species of dyeing of this breed: black, blue, bronze, gray-anthracite, red, golden and silver.

Also, a couple of colors – a snow leopard and royal shining – are also welcome. If you place a series of pictures of a Spangled cat and a wild leopard, then the difference between them will be insignificant.

Spots can be evenly scattered throughout the body of the animal, can be grouped, it is important that the body is spotty. But there may be dark bands on the head, chest and legs.

IMPORTANT! Kittens are born black and only in a while spots and bands begin to appear as pedigree signs.


What do we know about the American national character? That an American is always smiling at everyone at the meeting; that he highly values the American way of life, family, work and constitution. The California Spangled cat is the same.

California Spangled cat character

It is very friendly, energetic and observant. Everyone will be welcomed – acquaintances and strangers. California Spangled cats are very accommodating and playful.

Good reviews about this breed are from families with children. They respect the constitution of the family and equally treat all its members, except dogs. They do not recognize the latter as members of their flock and, at best, ignore them.

The California Spangled cat is a good hunter (this is its American way of life). Preserving all the instincts, it will certainly try to use them at home, jumping high for “prey”. Consequently, they need a lot of space and a small apartment is not convenient for them. Spangled cats love toys (especially decorated with feathers) and active games.

And they like to settle at the same height with the head of the owner. Democracy! A true American!


Pleasant message for all admirers of the breed – these cats do not get sick! No, of course, the common diseases cannot be bypassed, but genetically incorporated diseases are zero!

California Spangled cat health

The kitten of the Californian Spangled breed becomes a hunter and preserves these instincts throughout life, therefore it is necessary to take the matter of dehelminthization very seriously and arrange for prophylaxis every six months. How to determine the helminthic invasion?

The main symptoms are:

  • Leprosy, fast fatigue of the animal
  • Alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • Perverted appetite
  • Mucous membrane anemia

These are only obvious signs of infection, which is easier to prevent than cure.

Spangled cats may well become long-livers and the average life expectancy of a representative of this breed is 12-15 years.

Care and maintenance

Fur, ears, claws and eyes of the California Spangled cat do not require special care. Weekly rubbing-mowing is an ordinary and customary ritual for them.

But their physical activity must have an outlet. That is, they need to be given the opportunity to jump, climb, run and ‘poke their nose’ wherever possible. It is best for them to equip a special corner with many shelves and transitions.

It is better to keep house rodents away. If at home there is a beloved hamster, a rat or a guinea pig, try to keep them at different corners of the ring, because a Californian cat cannot resist and will try to “catch” them.


A California cat is unpretentious. For lunch, it needs a glass of cola and a hamburger! Of course, this is a joke. But there is only a joke in it, and the rest is the truth. There are no restrictions in food for the Spangled beauty. You can feed them with ready-made food and natural food. The main thing is the balance of nutrients.

Periodically offer your pet raw, frozen or scalded meat, sea boiled fish and vitamins.


California Spangled cat photo

An interesting fact from the history of the formation of this breed is that its creator, Paul Casey, at the dawn of the appearance of Californian Spangled cats, arranged a promotional event to support them. It was in 1986.

Paul placed photographs of cats (the price of which is $ 1,400) in the Newman Markus holiday edition which are supposedly considered exclusive gifts, alternating photos of cats with photos of fur made from wild animals. Everybody revolted. However this action eventually did its job – the breed became known in America.

California Spangled cat price

An approximate amount of $1500 US will be enough for booking and purchasing a kitten with a package of documents. The cost of the minimum package includes a veterinary passport and a metric. Also, you should know that many foreign nurseries provide escort services to those who have acquired a California Spangled from them.


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