British Shorthair

This breed was developed in the 19th century, the first British Shorthair was registered in 1898, but the final standards for the representatives of this type were approved only in 1982.

Overall Impression: British Shorthair – a sturdy animal of medium size, well muscled, broad chest, powerful legs. The tail is thick at the base, with rounded tip. The head is round in shape, with wide-set ears, full cheeks, the eyes are large, round, wide open, wide nose of medium length. Wool cover the short, but very dense, cats are more massive than females, males are more developed cheeks.

British cat shinshilla photo

The history of the breed

British Shorthair – it is one of the oldest breeds, registered in England in the 19th century. It is not known how these animals came to the British Isles. Some scientists believe that they have brought the Roman legionnaires over 2,000 years ago, it is known that in ancient Rome lived in huge gray cats with big round eyes and sharp fangs. The second version – cats brought French sailors who kept the animals on the ship as a rat-catchers.

British shorthair cat history

For centuries the British Islands formed the type of cats with short hair soft, rounded snout and bright eyes, strong physique and aristocratic character. British breeders selected the most beautiful cats, but the “father” of this breed is considered Harrison Fair, which hosted the first exhibition felinologicheskikh. She was held in 1871 in the Crystal Palace. The winner was named the 14-year-old tabby cat color blue breed british. The first pedigree was released in 1898.

Description of British Shorthair

The head is round and massive, with a short, thick neck. The forehead is rounded, should not be beveled. Nose has a small recess. The chin should be positioned in line with the upper lip and nose. The muzzle is well developed, it is characterized by large, round whisker pads. Most important of ears, they must conform to the rounded shape of the head and being wide-set.

British shorthair cat black description

Dense body, powerful and strong, rounded paws, fingers on their feet tightly assembled: four – on its hind legs and five – in the front. The cotton cover can be short and medium length. Shorthair Division – to cover short nature dense coat and undercoat, very resistant and elastic to the touch, but not coarse. Longhair Division – medium length hair, beard and the undercoat is almost the same length. The coat should be wavy, rough. Thanks to double the coat gives the impression of volume “coat” with clear rounded contours.

As for color, the color may be patterned or solid color. Initially, participation in exhibitions allowed only blue cats, but is now allowed and cream, beige, tortoiseshell, brindle, black color. Bi-color, tabby markings for solid colors, shaded and smoky colors of wool are not faulty. The cat should not be a tough coat, too light or too long body undercoat.

Animal disqualified if the cat is incorrect eye color with green rim, there is a tail defects, non-compliance with the number of fingers, “medallion” on the chest or too long and fluffy fur. It is also a cause for disqualification of a malocclusion, wrong color or pigment in the nose or the paws. It is not allowed crossing with other breeds. Weight British Shorthair: 4-8 kg.

The nature of British shorthair cat

British shorthair cat the nature

British shorthair cats become full-fledged members of the family, because they have a calm and friendly character. They adore their owner or master, patiently apply to children. At the same time the British did not suffer to him of familiar relations, these cats behave very aristocratic, all kind of showing their own importance. In relations with people they retain independence, good attitude to the people who love them, good get along with other pets.

British shorthair cats are great for people who spend much time outside the home, as a joke, even these animals called “cats for a businessman.” Sometimes pupils feel they have onerous permanent human presence, so look for nooks.

Despite the fact that representatives of this breed are very similar to teddy bears, do not treat them as toys. Cat patiently allows you to do all the necessary procedures as long as they do not degrade the dignity of her cat, otherwise it may show sharp claws. Most often, the cat is very restrained in expressing emotions, pretty bad trainable. Educate the British are not necessarily, these cats are very clever, even a small kitten will not sharpen claws on home furnishings, or go to the toilet in the wrong place.

british cat chocolate photo

British shorthair cat – is the embodiment of restraint, they rarely meow. Despite the apparent clumsiness and heaviness, cats wonderful quick response. Sleep they fit in secluded corners – in baskets, boxes, shelves in the cabinets. If you want to create for certain pet bed, place it away from drafts and a slightly elevated. British cats – explicit centenarians. On average, they live for 12-16 years, but there are cases when the representatives of the breed, thanks to its quiet disposition, lived 20-30 years.

Interesting facts about the British Shorthair

  • Few people know, but it was the British shorthair cats have become the prototype for the image of the “Cheshire cat”, as described by Lewis Carroll;
  • “The British” – these are the only representatives of the cat world, the ability to smile;
  • The nature of the representatives of this breed is very independent and discreet, they quietly tolerate the periodic absence of the owners and great for people spending most of the day at work;
  • British Shorthair virtually needs no training due to high intelligence, recently more and more of these cats appeared in commercials, music videos and Hollywood movies.

Nicknames of British cats

British cat colorpoint photo

Since these animals peculiar kind of aristocracy and consistency, and the name of the cat is necessary to select appropriate. Representatives of this breed rarely give unpretentious names, most often they are sonorous, solid, slightly lingering. For example, cat suit names Louise, Lily, Bella, Millie, Stella, Dixie, Jessie, Carrie, Lott and others. For cats should prefer it, is consonant with human: Richard James, Johnny, Nick Ricci, Stan, Teddy, Toby, Frankie and others.

 Care for the British Shorthair

Behind these easy pets to care: wool enough to comb once a week, usually have to pay attention to cover only during molting – once a year. To speed up the process of updating the wool, the cat can be a special comb rubber brush or comb. British Shorthair cat – real chistyuli, so bathe them very rarely, once every few months.

British cat kitty photo

Regularly cut the end of their claws, as needed, rinse the eyes with cotton wool moistened with water. With regard to the feeding, the representatives of this breed picky: feeding should be regular, well-balanced, there must be both natural and dry food. It is very important that the cat often ran around the apartment, adults are prone to obesity. Also pets may appear plaque on the teeth, which later turns into tartar – in order to prevent the appearance of stone to include.

British shorthair cat celebrities

“Britons” give birth to many, including famous people. Famous personalities like their independence and at the same time, gentle nature and an amazing mind. British shorthair cat lives in the house of the actress Helena Proklova, composer Nikolai Perov, member of the band “Time Machine” Alexander Kutikova, former soloist of “Na-Na” Vladimir Levkina, illusionists Tatyana Koch and Yuri cookies that appear with your pet in the best circuses in the world.

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