Brazilian Shorthair cat

Brazilian Shorthair is known by such name of native Brazil cats all over the world. Indeed, the Brazilian Shorthair appeared in the South American country. That is to say, the most usual cats roamed the streets of Brazil. There were no suspicions for a long time about the look of this cat. Are they thoroughbred? Brazilian kittens are not as simple as they seem.

Brazilian Shorthair cat

The history of the breed origin

Experts began analyzing them in the 80s of the last century. They realized and were very happy that there were extraordinary cats in the state and decided to continue the national breed together with the Brazilian Association and achieved success.

Brazilian Shorthair cat history

The Brazilian Shorthair was recognized as the independent breed in 1999. And now its birthplace – Brazil, is proud of its pets. Nurseries have become breeding Brazilians, but their quantity is not so huge outside the country.

Description of Brazilian Shorthair

Brazil is famous for the fact that women are so good that habitually occupy a top place in the list of the best models in the world. Brazilian Shorthair like a decent Latin American woman is also from this list. It has not been placed on the podium or on pictures of fashion magazines, but its body standard of 90-60-90 perfectly corresponds with Vogue Cat – the breed standard.

1. Head of the Brazilian cat breed is of a medium size. It is elongated and the length of the head should be slightly larger than its width:

  • nose should not be short, it smoothly goes on the forehead. The width of the nose is the same over the entire length;
  • chin is powerful and slightly protruding;
  • ears are soft and set straight and wide, rounded at the ends, a brush on the ears is according to the breed standard;
  • eye shape and look – typical breed characteristics. Reviews of both experts-breeders and owners are that the sight of Brazilian cat is very penetrating and intelligent. Eyes are expressive, large, almond-shaped and slightly slanted. The distance between the eyes is equal to half the width of the eye. Eye color can be anything, as long as it is in harmony with the basic color of the fur. White cat, most likely, will have blue eyes. Silver cat has green or yellow eyes, cats of other colors can boast with yellow or copper eyes;
  •  neck is strong, muscular.

2. The body is of rectangular form and average size. Chest is rounded, thighs are strong. Muscles are main characteristic of this breed.

  • midsize limbs are slightly spaced from the body. Rear and front legs – the same length, small and rounded paws .
  • tail at the base is thick, tapering to the tip, it is proportional to the body.

In general, the structure of the Brazilian cat can be described as very harmonious and very familiar to the eye. This is a cat ² (the cat in the box) and they weigh not much. Like any Weight Watchers Brazilian model, bearded beauty does not get extra kilos when it is grown and its weight is 3-5 kg.

3. Fur and color

Features of the Brazilians fur are that there is no undercoat – and why it would need in the Brazilian climate? Fur itself is very short and tight. The structure of the fur is silky. The breed standard admits wirehaired. Fluffy fur or its non-sticking are disqualification signs.

Brazilian Shorthair cat fur and color

Description of the colors of the Brazilian cat may be enumerated infinitely, because the breed standard has all the colors. Black Brazilian is as beautiful as, say, gray or red cat, most importantly, not the kind of color, when the mask, tail, legs and ears are colored darker than the whole body.


As a true Catholic, Brazilian cat grew up in the tradition of nepotism. Kitten of Brazilian cat is accustomed from childhood to the violence, noisy, flashy, pugnacious, but, more importantly, loved milieu in a family! This cat quietly endures the invasion of hordes of neighborhood kids and big company of parents’ friends, but only in case you forget about it and be sure to be paid attention. Yes, the Brazilian looks clumsy, but it is the street flower that blooms in a special way at home.

Brazilian Shorthair cat character

Differences between adults and children is that it does not do exactly the same applies to all members.

Brazilian Breed Cats are excellent hunters and retain these qualities in a city apartment, so the mesh on the windows will not be superfluous. And if there is a mouse in home, the cat from Brazil quickly rid the house of this scourge, because they are excellent mouse-catchers.

Brazilian cats have the desire for independence, but it is ready to give up their love of freedom in exchange for affection and care.

They love active games and walking in the fresh air and Kitten Brazilian breed at a young age (but only after vaccination) can walk on the street.

In general, the nature is playful, it has positive attitude and intelligence is developed.

Brazilian Shorthair Health

These cats have almost no problems with health.

There is just a hair problem and sometimes the digestive system problems occur.

Brazilian Shorthair cat health

Due to the fact that the ancestors of the breed grew up on the street, the Brazilians have a bad habit to tug at his mouth everything which is on the ground. This can be fraught with infestation.

How to determine that the infection occurred?

There are few clinical signs, which, alas, are similar to the symptoms of other diseases, but they are an ambulance siren, signal that it is necessary to take urgent measures.

If the cat constipation / diarrhea , if vomit or feces has visible blood or mucus, there is weight loss, much bloating, coughing or dropping out hair, you must go quickly to the vet! Ministry of Health warns: self-medication can harm the health of your pet!

Life expectancy of Brazilian Shorthair is 15 – 20 years

Care and maintenance

Deworming should be compulsorily carried out once a quarter. Even if your animal principally does not go out, give him the necessary dose of anthelmintic drug once in three months and simply eliminate the problem. Veterinarians note that anthelmintic drugs in tablet form are less toxic than those available in the form of droplets that drip on the withers.

Brazilian Shorthair cat care

Care for Brazilian cat fur is simple enough. Weekly brushing by rubber brush or Furminators is enough to remove dead hairs. Your Brazilian is very clean and certainly if the fur is in her stomach, feed with special grass or forage to help get rid of this “wealth”.

So from time to time wipe the eyes and ears clean.


Brazilian beauty will eat with pleasure the premium prepared forages. Feed of lower class, perhaps will satisfy it but may damage health! Yes, the price of premium is high, but then the health of dear family pet must be appreciated.

Brazilian Shorthair cat feeding

Natural food for the Brazilian cat breed is the meat and dairy products. Fish (and river and sea), as well as the liver of warm-blooded animals, can lead to infection with worms and treat the consequences is long and hard, so the fish is excluded.

Breeders say that it is not necessary to feed her pet with chicken cloth, vegetables with high content of starch and vegetables in red – the gastrointestinal tract of a cat cannot cope with them.

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