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Bombay – it is the panther in miniature, with a shiny and silky black, short and tight to the body fur. A distinctive feature of the breed is that it is completely black, even including paw pads and nose tip. Eyes are famous for their bronze tint or so-called in homeland “penny-colored.”

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I must admit that even though the breed has a specific name, it is from America and was found in the 50s. This cat is not very large, it is easy to get along with other breeds, like cats and dogs, immensely loves to be near the host, and it does not matter whether it plays with him or simply lies at his feet.

It is also important to note that the Bombay cat breed is divided into two kinds: American and British breed.

British Bombay appeared owing to crossing domestic cats, but only those who have had similar characteristics with the Burmese breed. That is why apparently the cat is a manifestation of Asian style with some Burmese properties.

Of course, the standards adopted in the United States and England among them differs radically, because the American Bombay was bred by crossing Burmese cats and American Shorthair.

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I must say as well that many individuals are euthanized because they have developed a defect in the womb of mother – the so-called “Burmese craniofacial defect” associated with the fact that babies have malformed skull.

One of the most interesting features of the Bombay breed is that they quickly grow up, although physically they will be form only at 2, the puberty occurs in the first six to nine months.

It is also important that females are smaller than males, if a grown cat weighs about three or four kilograms, the males are superior to them for at least a kilo, because already formed cats weigh about four to five kilograms.

Generally, Bombay is very fond of heat, bask in the sun or lie down next to the host in the winter, there is nothing better for them. Also they are very talkative, have sonorous voice, they greet you when you come home in the evening, as well as when you wake up.

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This breed is very peaceful, it is easy to make friends with everyone, but try to keep the distance because everywhere is trying to be a leader. This is one of those cats who love kindness, it can be with you for a long time, if you are gentle, it loves when it is taken in the hand or put on knees, they will love each member of the family, but always choose only one, which will give full devotion and love. So they live, as a rule, only in the houses, the street is not a place for these heat-loving and pampered animals.

Of course, such a homebody loves to eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course snacks, if you will give the chance, perhaps, they would only sit on your knees and chew anything. That is why it is important to keep a certain diet for their health.

Beautiful Bombay cat

The fur is short, very careful maintenance is not needed, but in the year they begin molting and at this point they need to be carefully combed regularly. As with any other of these cats, they need to be washed periodically and  if they are regularly combed by rubber brush, you can achieve unprecedented softness of their fur.

As already mentioned, these cats are very fond of delicious and satisfying meal, but it should be noted that depending on the characteristics of different species, and the effects in different colors, so much good appetite is not harmful, while for others it is the risk to be overweighed, so many owners are trying to maintain a special diet for their pets.

Thus, it is salient the protein is not more than 80% in the diet of  Bombay cats and fiber must be not more than 20%, otherwise small pets face obesity.

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It is also important that the eyes and ears are cared, if your pet touches ears or shakes them specifically, it is possible that it has pincers, eyes are need to be constantly washed by the weak tea or medicines that the vet will advise. Also there may be some difficulty in breathing.

If you send a cat to the exhibition, then a couple of days you need to bathe your pet in special oils  for skin to be more shining, and when the fur is dry, wipe with a piece of silk or suede, for absolutely “painted” look.

I must say that before the breed was officially recognized, the breed has passed many tests. Twenty-three years have passed since the first binding to finally form of a panther in miniature.

We owe  primarily to Nicky Horner, it was she, a resident of Kentucky (USA), hoping to bring a unique breed, crossed the American Shorthair and Burmese, a lot of time and effort spent on the implementation of the plan and in the 4 generation got a true panther equal to which, perhaps, you will not find.

Let the Burmese and Bombay are not very close relatives, their similarities and differences are in the face: some “stop” at the spout of breed still remained, but only faintly, legs became slightly longer, and the body is slightly increased.

If we cross these two breeds, then there will be blue black kittens, but only black, the other options cannot occur, because the gene of black fur is dominant, but if cross Bombay cat kittens there may appear “sable” color cats. This is due to the fact that in addition to the dominant gene, Bombay also inherited a recessive gene because due to merger of two black individuals such animals may appear different from the color of the parents.

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To expose these animals is prohibited, as their color is not described in the standard, but it must be said, that only a specialist can distinguish them from each other, because you have to be very careful when buying a kitten of this breed.

Only TICA allowed showing the breed of “sable” color, calling them equally and the breed was received recognition in 1976 in CFA.

Description of Bombay cat

Mini Panther is with appropriate predatory plasticity of movement and a look that embodies the universal wisdom. They inherit features of unique and mysterious appearance. There are differences in the structure of fur and in the structure of the head … However, all breed standard is described in details.

1. The head of the Bombay cat is round in shape and average size. “Face” is rather broad. There should not be given to an animal arrogant expression of the muzzle. The tip of the nose is slightly rounded down:

  • Average size of the ears, they are set wide, high and wary. The ears are rounded at the ends are slightly tilted forward;
  • Eyes are very large and very expressive! They are arranged on the face quite widely. “The color of a penny” – amber- honey is preferred for the eyes, but this color is very difficult to achieve, so the breed standard is a golden color.

2. Body of Bombay is mid-sized, slightly elongated shape. These kittens are bodybuilders! Muscles of the representatives of the Bombay breed are impressive.

  • Limbs are of medium length and slender enough. Paws are well rounded. There are five fingers on forepaws, on back – four. Incorrect number of toes is not allowed.
  • Tail is proportional to the body, thick, strong, straight. The bent tail or the tail not proportional to the body is disqualification signs.

Cats of this breed do not grow giants basing on their muscularity. The average size of Bombay is 25-30 cm at the withers.

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