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In this post we’ll tell you about Ashera cat breed. Here you’ll find full description, character, health, care, feeding, photos and video, Ashera cat price.

History of the origin of the breed

This year the myth called “Cat Ashera” is 10 years old. The anniversary of the cat Ashera is accompanied with a notorious reputation – its creator, Simon Brody, is wanted, but this does not prevent the once-founded biotechnology company Lifestyle Pets from selling its know-how around the world.

Ashera cat history
And it all began in 2006 with a sensational statement – Lifestyle Pets genetically brought out a new breed, large as a dog, beautiful, like a wild beast and affectionate, like a tender domestic kitty.

In addition, the exotic beauty was also declared as a completely non-allergenic breed, adoring walking on a leash. It is worthy to buy this cat spending $22,000.

However, in stark contrast of good news, Chris Shirk claimed that the creator Asher Simon Brody sold the Savannah kittens bought from him before declaring that it is a new breed.

Brody had thousands of explanations but numerous courts confirmed the accusation and today Ashera’s cat is not recognized in the world. And it’s a pity – these big cats are so luxurious and magnificent on a few photos that I sincerely would like such beauties to decorate the cat’s world.

Let’s assume that what would be if Ashera breed was recognized and learn in details about this cat.

Description of the Ashera cats breed

Ashera’s cat is both a pagan goddess (Ashera), and a hybrid trio from a domestic cat, an Asian leopard cat, and an African Serval. Ostap Bender … sorry, Simon Brody, claimed that it was these cats who gave away their genes to V.I.P.-pussy. It should be noted that the Ashera standard in the world is not recognized and here it is only a brief description.

Ashera cat description

1. Ashera’s head is small, wedge-shaped.

Eyes can be of two colors – golden and green.

The ears are broad at the base, rounded and narrowed at the tips, resemble bows in shape.

2. The body is elongated, narrow and thin. Limbs are elongated. The contour of the body is slightly disproportionate. The height of an adult animal is up to 100 cm.

Adult cats weigh 12 kg, and tomcats gain weight to 14 kg.

3. The fur is hypoallergenic, short, tightly fitting to the body.

4. Color.

Description of the breed implies four types of dyeing:

  • Royal – is the rarest among Ashera. Kittens with royal coloring, that is, with small specks of gold-orange color, are born only a few (4 kittens!) Per year;
  • Hypoallergenic. Eliminating the fact that most of the allergies are caused not by the cat’s fur but by its saliva, Lifestyle Pets claims that some Ashera’s colors contain a minimal protein concentration, which leads to the fact that this breed can be kept ‘under the nose’ of the most desperate allergic;
  • Snow Ashera. Have you seen a Belgian tiger? Snow Ashera is the same, only small!
  • And, finally, the usual Ashera, which spots on the fur resemble leopards.


Unfortunately, we could not find any feedback from the owners. Cat producers (and sometimes they want to be called that way) claim that these cat-giants are affectionate and tender kittens. Ashera cat has a balanced character and amazing communication skills.

Ashera cat character

Ashera gets along with adults, and with children, and with neighbors, and with hamsters, and with sales representatives (yes for such money it should generally have a diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with honors and get along with everyone!)

Ashera breeders especially emphasize the love of this cat for active games and long joint walks with the owner.

Care and maintenance

So, you have extra $30,516 and you believe that Ashera is already yours? Do not hurry! To begin, take turns. It will take 9-12 months to wait, because today Ashera is born not more than 100 individuals a year.

Care for Ashera cat

So, your turn came and your kitten was born? Kindly pay additionally $2,081 for a package services and delivery.

The package of services includes:

  • identification microchip,
  • veterinary certificate,
  • insurance,
  • a care set,
  • transport with climate control and other trivialities,
  • 10 years of consultations with the most famous veterinarian Ronald Tripp.

All that remains to the owner of Ashera is to come up with a name for the kitten and do a posh photo session to brag a pet and prove that it does exist!

Since all the main care issues are resolved with the help of a veterinary certificate, the owner only needs to bathe “the baby” from time to time. To comb the pet is not necessary, as Ashera almost does not shed.


Breeders of the Ashera cat reluctantly admit the weakness of its digestive system. You need to feed the cat qualitatively and healthy!


It is not recommended to offer dry food as the main food. There is no complete ban on dry ready food, it is quite appropriate as an additive, but the main source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be natural nutrition.

Ashera cat feeding

The Ashera’s diet: fresh beef, poultry and sea fish. Before serving, it is recommended to refrigerate the meat for three days in the freezer, and afterwards to pour with boiling water.

IMPORTANT! If you have minced and chopped meat, it would be better to give the first one. Let Ash’s stomach work properly!


As we have already noted above, the world felinological community is skeptical of the Ashera breed. Ashera is not allowed to participate in the exhibitions.

Ashera cat photo

Ashera cat photo 2

Ashera cat photo 3

Ashera cat price

Ashera cat price

We have already found out with you how much a one-year-old Ashera kitten costs – from $22000 US to $27000 US.


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